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Univision dresses up every day with the most prominent and successful variety show El Gordo y la Flaca which the official translation is The Scoop and The Skinny. El Gordo y La Flaca is a Spanish language entertainment show bringing from the gossip market the first fruits on celebrity news. First you hear it here than anywhere else.

Lilly Estefan, niece of renowned producer Emilio Estefan, and Raul de Molina, the beloved and sometimes hated Gordo, lead animatedly and with much mischief, the most anticipated, live entertainment television program for the Spanish speaking audiences.

Unfolding the perfect combination in personality and handling, El Gordo y La Flaca each plays an important role when they carry the tabloid news to the public, while El Gordo sometimes expresses on the roughly and morbid side, La Flaca softens the situations with her amazing huge smile and her funny occurrences.

Filmed at the studios in Miami, El Gordo y La Flaca fills every day with laughter, news, fashion and gossip in an unparalleled way. From the most intimate issues in show business, to explicit situations of famous artists and politicians, these characters sometimes comic, sometimes hard and adorable all the time, keep a wide audience mesmerized with daily news and celebrity guests where they become the target of more intimate scrutiny by El Gordo.

El Gordo y La Flaca has become the most popular Showbiz entertainment program of the moment, and is transmitted by Univision Television owning a remarkable format to enliven the evenings of thousands of viewers, keeping their audience informed and up to date with what is happening globally in a humorous and delicate raw way.

Not only will El Gordo y La Flaca delight viewers everyday with their opinions and their madness, it will also show a wide range of serious and weighty news worldwide, becoming the best program to join all the perfect ingredients to make you laugh, cry of joy or sadness, criticize them and love them every day.

Weedays 4:00 PM et/pt on Univision
6 Seasons, 356 Episodes
September 6, 2016
El Gordo y la Flaca
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