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"Louie" is a show that follows the somewhat everyday life of comic Louie CK. This show is the second show that Louie has starred in about himself. The first was a fictional version of himself called "Life With Louie." This latest project of Louie's is one that follows Louie as himself, a fairly well-known comedian who is divorced with two daughters and lives in New York City. Each episode consists of two small sub-episodes and each of those is bookended with a few minutes from his stand up performances. These generally deal with the topic of each episode.

The topics of each show come from things he has actually experienced as well as things his friends have experienced. Though some are a bit goofy and even a bit pointless there are also episodes, especially later in the series that focus on more serious topics such as going to the middle east to entertain the US troops in a USO lineup.

"Louie," like the comedian himself, can be very brash at times and it does include strong language as well as adult subjects. For this reason there are many who choose not to watch the show. Most fans would argue that Louie CK simply says things the way that we all say them in our heads, he just says these things out loud. There are also many times that we see the values he tries to teach his daughters. When he has scenes that involve his kids he is trying to instill core values in them such as not resorting to violence when faced with a bully, treating every person with respect and that their education is one of the most important things they will have. He also makes a good showing of being a single father who makes it a point to spend more than half of his time with his kids.

The genre of this show is comedy, but like many shows it includes a wide variety of subgenres and themes such as reality and drama with bit of inappropriate material mixed in for good measure.

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  • Louie continues working out on the road.

  • Louie hits the road.

  • Jane invites some friends over for a sleepover.

  • Jane goes to a doctor appointment.

Louie News

Louis CK is Finally Back on FX

It's been more than a year and a half since there's been a new episode of "Louie" on FX, but that long, dark drought is about to come to an end when the series returns for its fourth season on May 5. Louis CK has taken his time crafting new episodes of his depressive-comedic show, but beginning this week, viewers will be treated to 14 of them over the next several weeks. The new season of "Louie" will play out over seven weeks, with two episodes airing back-to-back each week, until the finale on June 16.

New 'Louie' Trailer Has Our Lovable Loser Jumping Off a Bridge

Get ready to laugh and then get sad and then laugh again... "Louie" is back. Louis C.K.'s Emmy-winning comedy returns next month, and the promos are kicking into high gear. This one, which aired during last night's series premiere of "Fargo," is a pretty accurate metaphor for the life of the fictional Louie. In the promo, Louie stands on the Brooklyn bridge with a red rose in hand. He swan dives off the bridge, plunging into the water...but instead of dying, he resurfaces with a broken, wilted rose.

Louis CK Announces Movie Release 'Tomorrow Night' with Steve Carell, Conan O'Brien and More

If you're a fan of "Louie," listen up! Louis C.K. sent out an email to newsletter subscribers today announcing that he'll be releasing yet another original video for just $5 on his website. But this time, it isn't a one-hour comedy's a whole movie. The film is titled "Tomorrow Night," and is a labor of love of Louie's from all the way back in 1998. "I was a struggling comedian and TV writer at the time and I pulled together my savings and some of my fiends money to make this movie on black and white 16mm film," Louis explained in the announcement.

'Louie' Season 3, Episode 1 Review/Recap - 'Something Is Wrong' But Oh So Right

From his unrequited but beautifully constructed confession of love to Pamela to his self-flagellation at eating a pint of ice cream, Louis C.K. is something of a super sad sack in "Louie." He's not only put-upon; he puts upon himself. You can bet that when aging is part of his opening stand-up segment that things are going to be a little worse for Louie than usual. The routine is just as hilarious (and blue) as usual, as Louie takes us through having to get reading glasses to jerk off, and pondering procedures to replace his dick with that of a recently passed 22-year-old Puerto Rican track star.

Louis C.K. Insults Fans: In Honor of the Season 3 Premiere of 'Louie'

This thursday, June 28, marks the season three premiere of "Louie," one of the best shows on FX and arguably the best comedy on television. We could celebrate the big premiere any number of ways: watching some of Louis CK's stand-up, pondering the futility of existence or the absurdity of life... you know, the usual. But we could also read a bunch of tweets from Louis CK insulting his Twitter followers in horrible fashion. That kinda sounds more fun, doesn't it? Yes, it would appear that one of Louis' favorite pastimes on Twitter is insulting his followers in disgusting, violent, and inevitably hilarious ways.

Louis C.K. Pilot Finds CBS Home

Apparently, it's a good time to be Louis C.K. Between two successful seasons for his FX series "Louie" and just being quite possibly stand-up comedy's annointed next big thing, the former "Saturday Night Live" writer has found his stride via basic cable. Now, it looks like he'll next set his sights and conquer the major networks. C.K. and "Seinfeld" creative veteran Spike Feresten recently sold CBS a half-hour comedy pilot, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Louis C.K.'s $5 Online Video Makes $500,000 in Three Days

Leave it to comedian and noted misanthrope Louis C.K. to give the middle finger to all of television, Hollywood studios, and the way we have distributed our media for decades. That's essentially what the "Louie" star did with his latest stand-up special, "Live at the Beacon Theater": rather than go through a studio or network (he usually works with HBO) to produce a stand-up special, have it air on television, and then eventually release it on DVD or in a pricy DRM-regulated download, Louis opted to skip all of that.

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