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This is the story of the early years of Merlin, the powerful sorcerer of the King Arthur legends. Merlin is a fresh faced young boy charged with the daunting task of keeping Prince Arthur Pendragon safe and in his place as Prince of Camelot. He must ensure that Prince Arthur ascends to the crown and fulfills his destiny to unite the peoples of the land, magic and non magic alike. Often this means saving Prince Arthur from himself.

While Uther Pendragon is generally a competent and well loved king, he has one glaring blind spot, he has been hurt in the past by magic gone wrong. In his anger and fear he has banned magic from Camelot upon threat of death.

Under Uther's watchful eye, Merlin must accomplish his true duties to Prince Arthur without revealing his identity as a powerful sorcerer. Fate puts him in Prince Arthur's employ as his somewhat bumbling manservant.

These are not easy years for Merlin, as King Uther and Prince Arthur are headstrong men, not given to listening to the advice of commoners. Merlin struggles to keep Arthur alive and on track for ascension to the crown while battling a myriad of evil forces determined to bring Camelot to its knees.

Most of the elements of the King Arthur legends are present in this tale of the early years of Camelot. The Knights of the Round Table are introduced one by one, each with stories of their own. Morgana, raised alongside Prince Arthur as a friend and confidant, struggles with signs of her own emerging powers. She chafes against King Uther's unforgiving laws against magic which will surely see her killed should her secrets be revealed.

Merlin must fight to bring magic back to Camelot at a time when the kingdom is being bombarded with dark forces that reinforce King Uther's beliefs about magic, and make viewers despair over whether Merlin will ever be able to reveal himself as a magical force of good.

Compelling graphics, exciting sword fights, and an excellent cast of characters bring the legends of Merlin and King Arthur to life in these weekly, hour long episodes packed with action.

Colin Morgan plays a young Merlin, and Bradley James is Prince Arthur Pendragon. Anthony Head plays Arthur's father, King Uther Pendragon. Richard Wilson is Gaius, Merlin's mentor. Katie McGrath plays Morgana and Angel Coulby plays her maidservant, Gwen.

Friday at 10:00 PM et/pt on SyFy
5 Seasons, 72 Episodes - Canceled
September 20, 2008
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  • As the great battle rages on Camlann's mighty plain, Merlin faces his moment of destiny.

  • Merlin finds himself facing the future he's fought so long to avoid.

  • Mordred is torn between loyalty and love and is unaware of the impact his choice will have on Camelot's destiny. With the drums of war beating ever louder, a desperate Merlin feels trapped by the cruel circle of fate.

  • Morgana heads a shocking manhunt to locate her old foe Alator of the Catha, so that he can tell her exactly where to find Emrys. When Merlin's life is threatened, he must decide if he can trust Finna when she offers to help.

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