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Moral Orel was a stop-motion satirical show that featured the adventures of a young man named Orel Puppington. Orel is a young boy living in the fictitious city of Moralton, a small WASP town located in the Bible Belt. Orel attends a conservative elementary school, and his main influences are the Protestant church that he attends every Sunday and his own very conservative father, Clay.

During the course of the show, the early episodes tended to follow a very specific formula. Orel, who is a very dutiful boy, would hear about a certain lesson from church and then try to live by the tenet presented to him, often with disastrous results. The situations presented range from the silly to the obscene, and they tended to result in Clay delivering a statement at the end that would only serve to further confuse Orel.

As the series progressed through the second and third seasons, the show grew progressively darker in tone, including extremely dark episodes that focused on the people in Orel's town. Orel's relationship with his own family starts to decay as he goes from being a very sweet and well-meaning boy to one who is significantly more frightened and cynical about the world around him. The series is often cited for having many of the later themes and concepts planted in the early episodes. As the series continues, Orel only becomes more aware of what is already going on, rather than simply having these things come out of nowhere.

The third season is especially notable for turning Orel into a bewildered witness to the rest of the town's troubled population. The message of the series revolves around the hypocrisy of the people who all claim to be healthy, happy and religious, when in fact most of them are living double lives with desires that they cannot face. This show throws the two-faced nature that humans can possess into sharp relief, using Orel as a filter.

Adult Swim
3 Seasons, 46 Episodes - Canceled
December 13, 2005
Animation & Cartoons, Adult Cartoon
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  • A Moral Orel special that sheds light on the origin of Orel's religious nature and the birth of his brother, Shapey.

  • Orel needs to discover something to honor his father about and finds it in Coach Stopframe.

  • Miss Censordoll slowly hatches a plan to make eggs legal again.

  • It's Easter and the lack of happiness in Moralton leads several troubled souls to the Forghetty's for some unbelievable solace.

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