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Nip Tuck was a drama television series that aired from 2003-2010. It was crated by Ryan Murphy and aired on FX network. The show covers the McNamara/Troy plastic surgery practice led by founders Sean McNamara and Christian Troy. In each episode viewers will watch the doctors perform plastic surgery on a number of patients. The patients usually have common procedures as well as unusual ones. When viewing the show, people will also get to see the personal lives of the plastic surgeons which usually included sex with patients after surgical procedures. While the content of the show is for mature audiences it won 45 awards including Golden Globes and Emmy Awards.

The show Nip Tuck is set in a plastic surgery medical office named McNamara/Troy. This show focuses on the professional and personal lives of the two plastic surgeons named Sean McNamara and Christian Troy. Sean is usually having difficulties in his personal life due to being seduced by his beautiful female patients. However he tries very hard to keep his family happy including his wife and son. Meanwhile Christian often looks for ways to get female patients to come to the practice and makes deals with them which usually include sex. Sean takes his work very seriously but Christian makes a number of mistakes that Sean often has to fix in order to preserve his personal life and professional image.

Over the duration of its running time, Nip Tuck won numerous awards for its quality. The show won many Emmy and Golden Globe awards. These awards included accolades such as best drama series, best casting and also best direction. As a result this is one of the better shows that were ever made. For people who are interested in medicine and medical dramas' this is one of more entertaining shows to watch.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on FX
7 Seasons, 100 Episodes - Canceled
July 22, 2003
Drama, Comedy
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  • Sean and Christian reminisce about their long relationship.

  • Both Christian and Sean hit on Julia when she visits. One of Matt's past great loves, who has caused immeasurable family chaos, turns up as Matt prepares to marry Ramona. Liz reveals that she's happily pregnant.

  • Concerned that cosmetic surgery is no longer the thing to do, Sean and Christian make a unique attempt to market their surgical practice to boost a lagging clientele.

  • Sean and Christian start therapy together.

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