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Ouran High School Host Club is a Japanese anime-style cartoon. The show first aired in Japan in 2006, and then was brought to the United States in October 2008 by Funimation. The 26 episode series is a romantic comedy, filled with dramatic twists and turns. Based on the best selling manga series with the same title, Ouron High School Host Club satires many clichés found in the romantic anime genre while unveiling intricate plot points.

The story begins as high school student Haruhi Fujioka accidently breaks an expensive belonging to the Ouran Academy Host Club. The Academy is comprised mostly of students from wealthy or prestigious families, yet Haruhi is attending due to a scholarship. Thus, having no money, she must repay her debt to the Host Club by working.

Much to her surprise, the club members mistake her for a man and they tell her to entertain the female students that frequent the club. Relationships begin to form as Haruhi attempts to keep her gender hidden while working, but the other hosts slowly find out that she is a girl. After quickly discovering that she has a knack for entertainment, the Host Club insists she keep up a male persona.

The story continues as Haruhi attempts to keep peace between the various hosts, manage her growing feelings about being a fish out of water, and fight off the women constantly trying to make her their boyfriend. While short run, the television series encompasses a wide variety of humorous situations, including Belzenef doll curses, Halloween Test-of-Courage competitions, and awkward first kisses.

Chukyo TV
1 Season, 26 Episodes - Ended
April 4, 2006
Anime, Comedy
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Ouran High School Host Club Full Episode Guide

  • Tamaki has dissolved the Ouran Host Club and is leaving Japan with Eclair for France. Eclair's family has bought Kyouya's birthright and Kyouya will be left with no company to run when he grows up. Haruhi and the others have to try to stop Tamaki from leaving Japan and Ouran forever, and Kyouya must prove his worth to his father once and for all.

  • It's time for the Ouran school festival and Tamaki has plans for the host club that even more extravagant then usual, but with the festival comes the families of the club members. Haruhi finally learns of Tamaki's tragic past after his hateful grandmother forces him to escort the beautiful Eclair for the length of the festival. When Tamaki is called selfish by more then one person and is then made an offer by Eclair, will he make the surprising announcement to dissolve the Host Club?

  • Tamaki's set up kotetsu's in the Host Club! He wants everyone to enjoy it even if it's a bit too early for winter. This brings Haruhi to finally asking how someone as cool as Kyouya ended up being one of the people starting the Host Club. 2 years before, Kyouya was told to befriend Tamaki because their family ties were known as enemies. "Be nice to your allies. Be even nicer to your enemies."is what Kyouya's dad used as advice. But Tamaki was different than he imagined. They ended up spending holidays together (from Tamaki's nagging) and once Kyouya would finally be prepared for the next trip, Tamaki decides that studying would be more important. A few words get Kyouya mad at Tamaki and a few more words from Tamaki get Kyouya's mind changed. This is how Kyouya truly met Tamaki.

  • This episode follows along from the last one. Now that Ritsu knows that Haruhi is a girl, he's got his mind on her 24/7. He goes to the Host Club to talk to her and all the customers are furious at first. After a while, they realize that it's all MOE! Tamaki's an empty shell halfway through until he actually moves in and ends up being pushed aside. Ritsu gets dumped before he even confesses, but Tamaki is suprisingly unmoved by it. He unconsciously thinks about something and everyone kicks cans together at the end. Honey is obviously aware that in the end, Kyouya and Kaoru are gonna get left out of the picture. Will things really change before they graduate?

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