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The Shield is a police drama that is full of action and hard hits. This show deals with corrupt cops stationed in the Los Angeles police department. The police run the fictional district known as the Farm. Their police station was once a church but is not known as the Barn. The Strike team is the group of detectives that run this area. Vic leads the time though some of their good and not so good deeds.

The Strike Team is a unit designed to fight gangs in this part of the city. They do keep peace on the street though many of their methods can be considered unethical and illegal. One the side the team is involved in the drug trade and some robberies to make money. From time to time they may even have to plant some drugs and other evidence to get gang members off of the streets.

While running the city members of this team are facing their own personal issues. David who is aspiring to get into politics has to deal with the pressures of sucking up to the right people and being the victim of a sexual assault. Vic has a marriage that is failing and has to be one step above the same law that he serves. Shane is a newlywed and his marriage is already in jeopardy based on the demands of the job. Curtis is constantly in fear of the team being caught doing their illegal activities. Jilien is having a constant struggle between the Biblical beliefs he was raised with and coming to terms with his own homosexuality.

While the cops are dirty they do have some good intentions. They want to be able to make the streets a safe place for all while making extra money on the side. This series has won many awards including the Golden Globe for Best Television Series and a primetime Emmy.

7 Seasons, 90 Episodes - Canceled
October 22, 2016
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The Shield Full Episode Guide

  • An upstart mayoral candidate troubles Aceveda. Shane, pinned down by the cops with his family, takes desperate action. Dutch interrogates Lloyd about Rita's disappearance.

  • As Vic hopes his immunity deal will help keep his family together, and Shane takes extreme measures to keep his pregnant wife from being charged with murder, Dutch finds he's a suspect in the disappearance of a teenage serial killer's mother.

  • Olivia works with the Strike Team to catch a Mexican drug lord. Meanwhile, Dutch has to clean up Billings' mess, and Claudette investigates the death of a woman connected to the Strike Team.

  • Corrine agrees to work with Dutch and Claudette while also serving as go-between for Vic and Shane. Meanwhile, Claudette pairs Ronnie up with Julien to investigate the murder of a high school football player.

The Shield News

Michael Jace of 'The Shield' Charged in Wife's Murder

Tragedy struck in the Los Angeles home of Michael and April Jace this week. Michael Jace, known for his role on "The Shield," has been charged with the murder of his wife, April, who was found dead in their home on Monday night. According to reports, police responded around 8:30pm on Monday when neighbors had reported sounds of gunshots. April, age 40, was found dead of gunshot wounds and Michael was immediately detained.

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