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Series Length:3 Seasons, 25 Episodes
Schedule: Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on HBO

The HBO produced political comedy series Veep is based on the work of the office of a fictitious Vice President named Selina Meyer, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfuss. Veep was created and co-written by Scottish comedian Armando Ianucci with British comedy writer Simon Blackwell. Ianucci's British political satire The Thick Of It is the inspiration for and uses the same style of filming and comedy as Veep.

First broadcast in 2012 in the U.S. on the cable network HBO and in the U.K. on the Sky Atlantic satellite channel. Veep is the second attempt to transfer the highly successful The Thick Of It political sitcom format to an American environment. The first in 2007 was not picked up for a full season following an unsuccessful pilot produced by ABC was based more closely on the characters of The Thick Of It. Ianucci's The Thick Of It was first broadcast in the U.K. in 2005 and is best known for the foul mouthed Director of Communications Malcolm Tucker played by Peter Capaldi.

Unlike the British show Veep does not make any attempt to portray the political beliefs or political party of the main characters. The eight episode first season of Veep contains a story arc explaining Selina Meyer's ambition to secure a political legacy through a Clean Jobs Bill and how her ambitions are betrayed by her low level of popularity.

Armando Ianucci and Simon Blackwell have collaborated on a number of British television shows, and worked together on the fim In The Loop. Based on characters in their The Thick Of It show In The Loop won the pair an Academy Award nomination; Julia Louis-Dreyfuss won a 2012 Emmy for her role as the U.S. Vice President. HBO commissioned a second season of Veep following the completion of the first season in 2012.

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Status: Returning Series
Genre: Comedy
Rating: 8.3/10
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  • Selina goes on a trip to Silicon Valley and gets challenged by an anti-fracking mom.

  • While Selina and her staff anticipate an Annapolis event where she will announce her candidacy, Dan discovers "Saturday Night Live" has done a negative sketch about her.

  • Selina and her team take a ride with the Coast Guard where they discover the president has changed his views on a major issue, which makes Selina re-think her own opinion.

  • In Iowa, Selina entertains possible caucus voters at a book signing for her new autobiography, while her team is busy with a staff wedding in D.C. As the day proceeds, she and her staff are informed of a powerful rumor.

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