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WCG Ultimate Gamer is a reality show in which the best gamers from around the world battle each other in real life competitions and video game competitions. The season begins with a total of twelve gamers, who live together in a loft, and each week one gamer is eliminated at the end of the episode.

Though a game show focusing on video gaming, the contestants also partake in real life challenges that someway compliment their video game challenge for the week. An example of this real life to video game challenge relationship would be that the contestants competed against each other in a real life dunk contest on the same week they competed against each other in the video game NBA Live 09. Another example would be how they drifted real cars while being judged by professional drifter Chris Forseberg the same week they competed against each other in the racing video game Project Gotham Racing 4.

In the two seasons aired, both a male and female won the competition. Season one had Mark Smith winning the whole competition, and season two had Katherine Gunn winning the entire competition.

The format was interesting to how they determined the head to head elimination round matchup every week. The score from the real life challenge is combined with the score from that weeks isolation challenge (the video game challenge), and the lowest combined score is the one contestant automatically entered into the elimination round. The second player is not voted on like traditional reality/game shows; instead the player with the highest scorer selects who they want to play in the elimination game against the automatic bid.

The show aired for two complete seasons, but has yet to be picked up for a third. Each episode lasted 60 minutes. The gamers on the show are real life gamers, who list their screen names publicly to prove their authenticity. The show is hosted by Hannah Simone, and co-hosted by Joel Gourdin.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Syfy
2 Seasons, 16 Episodes - Canceled
March 10, 2009
Reality, Game Show
WCG Ultimate Gamer
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WCG Ultimate Gamer Full Episode Guide

  • The Grand Final

  • The remaining gamers try to survive the Gauntlet.

  • The gamers take on the Smackdown vs Raw 2010 Challenge.

  • The gamers go on a challenge for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

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