2 Brothers and A Bride

"They're not looking for love, they're looking for a wife"

Filmed on location in St. Petersburg, Russia, 2 Brothers and a Bride (also titled A Foreign Affair) directed by Helmut Schleppi is a comedy about two brothers who attempt an untraditional search for a wife. Josh (David Arquette) and Jake (Tim Blake Nelson) live a quiet life in the Midwest along with their Ma (Lois Smith), working their family vegetable farm. Ma cooks, cleans, does her boys’ laundry and keeps them company when they’re not working the farm. The brothers don’t imagine that they’ll ever need anything more than their Ma.

When Ma dies, their world is turned upside down. Jake and Josh realize they are not only a little lonely since Ma’s passing, but what weighs more on their minds is the fact that neither of them are capable of taking care of their home, laundry and even more importantly the cooking. The boys ponder their situation and discover the only solution is for one of them to find a wife to take care of them both. Jake responds to an ad for Loveme.com, and books himself and Josh on a tour to St. Petersburg, Russia, where they can meet and marry Russian girls who are looking for green cards. The brothers aren’t looking for love, just housekeeping and home-cooking so Jake thinks this is the perfect arrangement. They pack their suitcases and Ma’s ashes, and set off on their journey to Russia.

While traveling to St. Petersburg they meet journalist Angela Beck (Emily Mortimer), who is on the tour-de-matrimony doing a story on the Loveme.com website. Josh immediately gets wrapped up in the excitement and energetically goes about meeting and greeting, while Jake is somewhat distracted by Angela. As the tour progresses both Josh and Jake begin to realize that there may be more to life and love than companionship and cooking.

| 2002 | 1 hr 34 min | 6.0/10 | 53/100
Tim Blake Nelson, David Arquette, Lois Smith, Redmond Gleeson
Helmut Schleppi
2 Brothers and A Bride
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Also directed by Helmut Schleppi

Also starring Tim Blake Nelson

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