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"In Italian a good man is a piece of bread."

A Wedding For Bella, also known as The Bread, My Sweet is a 2001 film that falls into the genre(s) of comedy, romance, romantic drama, and romantic comedy. This film is approximately 105 minutes long, and it has been rated PG-13. A Wedding For Bella was directed by Melissa Martin, and it was produced by William C. Hulley and Adrienne Wehr. Also, it star's many well known actor's and actresses such as, Scott Baio, Kristin Minter, Rosemary Prinz, John Amplas, and Zachary Mott.

A Wedding For Bella is mainly focused on three brother's Dominic, Eddie, and Pino, as well as an elderly Italian couple by the names of Massimo and Bella. Dominic is a successful businessman, working at a management firm, while his brother Eddie, is a well known womenizer, and his brother Pino, is mentally challenged. The only thing these three brother's have in common is that the three of them run a bakery together. Massimo and Bella are an elderly couple that live upstairs, and they have an estranged daughter by the name of Lucca.

Dominic begins to get to know Bella and ultimately they bond, with Dominic seeing Bella as a mother figure. Unfortunately, Bella ends up getting terminally ill, and Dominic swears to do anything he can to make her feel better, and do everything he possibly can to make her happy. Eventually, Bella confides in Dominic, telling him she wants to see her daughter become married. Upon hearing this, Dominic is hard driven to get Lucca home for christmas before Bella dies, and find a way to grant Bella's wish of frying Lucca married. Once Lucca arrives, Dominic discusses a business agreement with Lucca, and creates a fake proposal. This proposal is only ment to last until Bella passes away. Surprisingly, things do not turn out as planned when Dominic and Lucca discover that their feelings go a little deeper than a simple business arrangement.

| 2001 | 1 hr 45 min | 6.7/10 | 54/100
Scott Baio, John Seitz, Kim Martin, Zachary Mott
Screen Media
Melissa Martin (II), Melissa Martin

Also starring John Seitz

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