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  • TV-14
  • 2017
  • 1 hr 43 min
  • 5.6  (187)

All of You is a romantic comedy-drama movie directed by Dan Villegas and stars Derek Ramsay and Jennylyn Mercado in leading roles. Rafael Rosell plays a supporting role in this 2017 Filipino movie. The movie follows the love story of Gabby (played by Mercado) and Gab (played by Ramsay), who meet each other through a dating app. Both of them are looking for a relationship, but with entirely different expectations. Gabby hopes to find her soulmate, settle down, and start a family. In contrast, Gab is only looking for a casual relationship, with no strings attached.

Despite their varying expectations, Gabby and Gab hit it off, and their conversations over the app become more frequent until they decide to meet in person. From then on, their relationship starts to move forward, and they spend most of their time together.

However, their relationship takes a turn when Gabby discovers that Gab has a child from a previous relationship, which makes her doubt if their relationship can have a future. Gab, on the other hand, believes that they can work it out and decides to fight for his newfound love.

As the movie progresses, Gabby and Gab take different paths, leading them to question their choices and whether they should continue with their relationship. Gab tries every possible way to convince Gabby that he is serious about their relationship, but their opposing views on what the future should hold force them into an emotional and complicated situation.

Throughout the movie, we see Gabby and Gab navigate through the ups and downs of their developing relationship. Alongside the central characters' story, the supporting character played by Rafael Rosell also provides a substantial storyline, filling the gaps of the couple's dilemmas and adding humor to the narrative.

The film is an excellent portrayal of the complexities of modern-day relationships, especially when it comes to finding someone who shares the same goals for the future. It's an honest depiction of the conflicts that often arise when couples find out they have different expectations for their lives.

The movie has impressive cinematography, capturing the beauty of the Philippines through its breathtaking landscapes and charming cities. The color palette and lighting add to the film's romantic feel, making it a stunning visual experience.

The chemistry between Mercado and Ramsay is remarkable, making it easy to root for their relationship. Their portrayal of Gabby and Gab's emotions is believable, and it makes the audience invest in their story. The movie's supporting cast also delivers impressive performances, adding depth and humor to the overall narrative.

As a romantic comedy-drama film, All of You balances the romantic and comedic aspects effortlessly. The witty banter, sharp humor, and comedic timing provide a refreshing break to the more emotional scenes. The film's pacing is also commendable, allowing the story to unfold naturally while still holding the audience's interest.

In conclusion, All of You is a captivating romantic comedy-drama that explores the complexities of modern-day relationships. It's a refreshing take on finding and navigating romance in the digital age. With remarkable performances by the leading and supporting cast, stunning cinematography, and an engaging storyline, it's a feel-good movie that's worth watching.

All of You
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    5.6  (187)