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""An Ideal Husband has to look to his future...a woman has to look to her past!""
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  • 1947
  • 1 hr 36 min
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An Ideal Husband is a 1947 film adaptation of Oscar Wilde's play of the same name. The movie is directed by Alexander Korda and stars Paulette Goddard as Lady Chiltern, Michael Wilding as Sir Robert Chiltern, and Diana Wynyard as Mrs. Cheveley. The plot revolves around the life of Sir Robert Chiltern, a prominent politician and member of the House of Commons. Robert's life is turned upside down when Mrs. Laura Cheveley, a scheming and manipulative woman from his past, blackmails him over a secret that he had shared with her.

Mrs. Cheveley is determined to use the secret to her advantage, and she urges Sir Robert to support a fraudulent scheme that would benefit her financially. Sir Robert, who is married to Lady Chiltern, is torn between his loyalty to his wife and his duty as a politician. He must decide whether he will sacrifice his integrity and reputation to protect his career or come clean and risk losing everything he treasures.

The movie delves deep into the themes of morality, integrity, and the consequences of one's actions, as Sir Robert is forced to confront his past mistakes and decide how to move forward. Lady Chiltern, on the other hand, must come to terms with the fact that her idyllic life may have been built on a lie, and she must decide whether to forgive her husband or leave him for good.

The acting in the movie is exceptional, with Paulette Goddard delivering a standout performance as Lady Chiltern. She portrays the character with elegance and poise, and brings depth and nuance to a role that could have easily been one-dimensional. Michael Wilding similarly shines as Sir Robert Chiltern, conveying the character's inner turmoil and struggle with great conviction.

Diana Wynyard is equally impressive as Mrs. Cheveley, perfectly portraying the character's cunning and devious nature. Her chemistry with Michael Wilding is palpable, and their scenes together are some of the most captivating in the movie.

The movie is beautifully shot, with stunning cinematography that captures the opulence and glamour of the era. The sets and costumes are also impeccably designed, transporting viewers to a bygone era of high society and aristocracy.

Overall, An Ideal Husband is a compelling and thought-provoking movie that offers a nuanced exploration of morality, integrity, and the consequences of our actions. The exceptional performances, gorgeous cinematography, and elegant design make it a feast for the senses, while the themes and messages it explores make it a deeply resonant and impactful movie.

An Ideal Husband
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