"Dreams change. Friends are forever"
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Crossroads is a 2002 film that tells the story of three friends traveling cross country so one friend can meet her biological mother. The movie marks the film debut of popular singer Britney Spears. The three girls at the center of the film have been friends for a long time growing up. They even go as far as to bury a wishbox in their yard that they believe will help them be friends forever. However, as time goes by and the girls grow up they begin to grow apart. When the girls’ high school graduation arrives, they begin talking again and realize how much they miss each other. They decide to plan a road trip out west.

Each girl has a different goal for her part of the road trip. Lucy, played by Britney Spears, wants to see her biological mother again. Mimi, played by Taryn Manning, wants to head to Los Angeles to try and sign a record contract, and Kit, played by Zoe Saldana, wants to visit her fiancé who lives in L.A. The girls have very little money but they set out on their trip in an old car. The car is a piece of junk and breaks down during the trip. The girls decide to sing karaoke in a bar for tip money to fix the car. Mimi panics and has a bout of stage fright but Lucy comes through and is able to sing. They manage to raise enough that the car is repaired.

The girls also pick up Ben, a hitchhiker. They finally reach Tucson, Arizona where Lucy’s mom lives. Lucy’s mom tells her that she never wanted to have her. Lucy is devastated and leaves her mother’s house in tears. The girls arrive in Los Angeles and Kit heads to her fiancées. When she gets there, she discovers that he is cheating on her with another girl. Kit storms out of his apartment while Mimi defends her friend and punches him in the face. In the meantime, Lucy and Ben are beginning to fall in love. They have sex and Lucy decides that she wants to stay in Los Angeles with him. Her father is furious but her mind is made up. Lucy ends up singing on a stage at the end of the film, being well on her way to a record contract.

| 2002 | 1 hr 33 min | 3.5/10 | 27/100
Britney Spears, Anson Mount, Zoe Saldana, Taryn Manning
Tamra Davis
Produced By
Ann Carli
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