Driven to Kill

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  • R
  • 2009
  • 1 hr 38 min
  • 5.1  (5,501)

Driven to Kill is a 2009 action-thriller starring Steven Seagal in the lead role. The movie follows the story of Ruslan Drachev (played by Seagal), a former Russian mobster who now lives in isolation in America as an author. He is compelled to come out of hiding when his daughter Lanie (played by Laura Mennell) is kidnapped by an old rival, Mikhail Abramov (played by Igor Jijikine).

Ruslan is a man with a troubled past, haunted by the memories of his violent acts during his mob days. He is now a changed man with a peaceful life, staying away from his past and trying to make amends for his past mistakes. But when his daughter is taken away from him, Ruslan is forced to confront his past and unleash his inner demons to save his daughter.

The action in the movie begins from the get-go with a scene showcasing Ruslan's martial arts skills against a group of attackers. The fight scenes are choreographed well and are typical of Seagal's signature style, with a focus on close combat, bone-breaking moves, and gunfights.

As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that the kidnapping of Ruslan's daughter is just the beginning of a larger conspiracy. The Russian mob, which Ruslan was once a part of, is attempting to expand its criminal empire to America, and Lanie's kidnapping is their way of luring Ruslan out of hiding and bringing him back into the world of organized crime.

Mike Dopud plays the role of Detective Peterson, a cop who has a history with Ruslan and distrusts him. Peterson's character adds a layer of complexity to the movie and provides an interesting dynamic between him and Ruslan.

Robert Wisden plays the role of Stephan, a lawyer with ties to the Russian mafia, who is also involved in the kidnapping of Lanie. Stephan's character is well-written, and the portrayal by Wisden is impressive.

Igor Jijikine as Mikhail Abramov, the main antagonist of the movie, is convincing in his role as a ruthless Russian mob boss. His calm demeanor and the use of his henchmen to do his dirty work adds to the tension and danger in the movie.

The movie's production values are good, with the action scenes executed efficiently, and the cinematography capturing the cityscapes and settings that add to the story's tone.

Driven to Kill is not without its flaws. The pacing is uneven, and the dialogue at times comes off as clunky and stereotypical of a typical action movie. It also has cliched story elements such as the hero's estranged wife and daughter caught up in danger.

However, the movie makes up for its shortcomings with its fast-paced action, Seagal's star power, a satisfying plot twist, and an ending that leaves room for a sequel.

In conclusion, Driven to Kill is a good action-thriller movie that fans of the genre will enjoy. It may not be a perfect movie, but it's entertaining, engaging, and delivers what it promises - Steven Seagal kicking some serious butt.

Driven to Kill
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    5.1  (5,501)