Fighting for My Daughter

"She lost her little girl to a world of prostitution. Now she'll stop at nothing to bring her home."
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This film is about a mother named Kate and they way she fights to save her daughter Jessie. Jessie is a young teenage girl that doesn't receive much attention. Kate feels guilty about her daughter's behavior and believes it is due to a lack of having a father figure in their house. Jessie becomes obsessed with material possessions and is persuaded by a local criminal to join his prostitution ring. Kate is devastated and takes it upon herself to wander the streets to find her daughter. During her journey Kate comes into contact with many other children and young adults and tries her best to save them.

1995 | 1 hr 27 min | 5.6/10
Lindsay Wagner, Piper Laurie, Chad Lowe, Kirk Baltz
Peter Levin
Fighting for My Daughter
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Also starring Piper Laurie