Fist of the North Star

"A Legendary Warrior Battles Against The Forces Of Evil."
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Fist of the Northstar is a popular Japenese manga created back in the early 1980's and continued until 1988 spanning 245 chapters. The series was written by Buronson the manga became so popular in Japan that it spawned a TV series and movie. The story begins in the year "199X" where the result of a devastating nuclear war wiped out most of Earth's population, the select few humans who survived became scavengers fighting each other over the scarce resources such as food and water. Kenshiro, the main character of the story, is the rightful successor to an ancient and deadly assassination art. During his search for water he is caught and imprisoned it is then that he meets an orphaned girl named Lin. During his captivity the village is attacked by a biker gang Ken breaks free from his cell and defeats the leader.

Ken leaves the village now accompanied by a thief named Bat. He later gets into a confrontation with the KING organization after witnessing there many atrocities throughout the land. After infiltrating the KING's HQ Ken learns that the identity of the KING's leader is his old rival Nanto Seiken who was responsible for engraving the seven scars into Ken's chest Kenshiro emerges victorious from their duel. After being reunited with Lin and meeting new allies Kenshiro learns that his three former brothers in arms are still alive and sets out to search for them. Kenshiro when discovering the location of his "brother" is immediately attacked by his three brothers Kenshiro than does battle with each of them defeating them one by one. Some time later the successor to Nanton Seiken, Nanto Hooken reveals himself and proclaims himself as the Holy Emperor Ken joins a resistance group to help fend off the Holy Emperor's conquest of the neighboring cities after several battle Ken comes face to face with Nanto Hooken after a grueling battle Ken comes out victorious as a period of peace settles into the world.

| 1995 | 1 hr 43 min | 3.9/10
Gary Daniels, Malcolm McDowell, Costas Mandylor, Downtown Julie Brown
First Look Studios
Tony Randel
Produced By
Mark Yellen, Aki Komine
Fist of the North Star
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