Hoodlum Priest

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Hoodlum Priest is a 1961 drama. The story is based on a the life of a real Catholic priest named Father Charles Clark. Father Clark ministered to street gangs in St. Louis. He dedicated his life to young street thugs and ex-convicts. He related to them on a personal level, and spoke to them in language that they could understand. The movie does not cover Father Clark’s whole career. It centers on Father Clark’s relationship with one particular young thief named Billy Lee Jack. As the movie opens Billy Lee has just been released from prison. Juvenile delinquency was a major issue in the 1950s and ‘60s.

1961 | 1 hr 41 min | 6.6/10
Don Murray, Larry Gates, Cindi Wood, Keir Dullea
Irvin Kershner
Produced By
Walter Wood
Hoodlum Priest
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