Horses of McBride

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  • 2012
  • 1 hr 28 min

Horses of McBride is a heartwarming, inspiring movie based on a true story. This Canadian film, released in 2012, follows the journey of two wild horses trapped in a snowy mountain range in British Columbia. The film opens with the arrival of Matt Davidson, a skilled horseman, at a small-town rodeo in McBride. A local rancher, John, approaches Matt with a desperate plea: two horses are stuck in the mountains, beyond the reach of any vehicle, and need to be rescued before the harsh winter sets in. John offers Matt a hefty sum of money for the job, but Matt is hesitant. He's never done a rescue like this before, and he's not sure he can handle it. But after some persuasion from John's daughter, Nicky, who is a vet student, Matt agrees to take on the challenge.

Matt and Nicky, along with a team of volunteers, set off on horseback into the mountains. As they climb higher and higher, the snow deepens and the terrain becomes more treacherous. Eventually, they reach the spot where the two horses are trapped. The horses are frightened and exhausted, their legs caught in a tangle of fallen trees and rocks. The rescue team realizes that this is going to be much harder than they thought.

The first attempt to free the horses fails, and the team is forced to retreat back to their base camp. Matt is discouraged, but Nicky refuses to give up. She becomes particularly attached to the horses, whom she names Goliath and Angel. She spends the night researching and strategizing, determined to find a way to save them.

The next day, the team sets out again, armed with a new plan. They bring in heavy equipment and work tirelessly to clear away the debris around the horses' legs. It's a dangerous and grueling process, but eventually, they succeed. Goliath and Angel are free, but they're both severely injured. Nicky tends to them tirelessly, but it quickly becomes clear that they won't be able to return to the wild.

Matt and Nicky vow to rehabilitate the horses and find them a loving home. But that's easier said than done. John (who turns out to be a bit of a villain in the story) is opposed to the idea and tries to sabotage their efforts at every turn. Meanwhile, Goliath and Angel's injuries require expensive medical treatment. Matt and Nicky struggle to raise enough funds and find a sanctuary that will take them in.

Throughout the film, we see the deep bond that forms between the rescue team and the horses. Goliath and Angel become beloved members of the community, inspiring and uplifting everyone they come in contact with. Matt and Nicky learn to work together and overcome their differences, growing closer as they watch the horses heal. We also get a glimpse into the rugged beauty of the Canadian wilderness, as well as the challenges faced by those who live and work there.

Overall, Horses of McBride is a moving story about the power of friendship, perseverance, and compassion. The actors all give strong performances, particularly MacKenzie Porter as Nicky, who brings emotional depth to her character. The cinematography is stunning, with breathtaking shots of snow-capped mountains and vast forests. The film does a great job of balancing moments of tension and humor, and even manages to sneak in a few surprises. It's a family-friendly movie that will appeal to anyone who loves animals or stories of triumph over adversity.

Horses of McBride is a 2012 drama with a runtime of 1 hour and 28 minutes.

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