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The film entitled Hurricane is all centered on the life and adventures of Charlotte. The film which is full of romantic scenes and explorations was written by James Norman and Charles Nordhoff. It was produced by the joint collaboration of Dino Laurentis and Lorenzo Semple and direction was done by Jan Troell. The film started when Charlotte who was an experienced and talented painter went back home in Alaya to pay a visit to her father Bruckner whom she had not seen for so many years.

Bruckner was a well known and respected personality in this locality of Alaya which was a small island. He was the governor and so governed all the affairs of the island under the authority of the United States Congress. He was known to be a very strict in carrying out his duties as ruler and most of the locals felt intimidated by his ways and did not like him.

When Charlotte found out about the way her father was treating and ruling the people she was not happy about it. She felt her father was just too adherent to the law and as a result he had no mercy on the people. Things got worse one day when one of their house servants Matangi joined forces with Charlotte to convince Bruckner to lift charges against a local who had stolen a boat. Matangi was reproached by Bruckner but not long after Matangi was crowned High Chief of Alaya. Bruckner was not pleased with Matangi because he was not a strict ruler and worst of all he found out Matangi and Charlotte had a relationship. At the end a disastrous hurricane hit the island and many people were killed. The characters in the film are popular and include Mia Farrow featuring as Charlotte, Jason Robards as Bruckner, Dayton Ka'ne as Matangi, Maxvon Sydow as Danielson, Trevor Howard as Father Malone.

| 1979 | | 4.6/10
Jason Robards, Mia Farrow, Max von Sydow, Trevor Howard
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