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"It's Judy! Lighting up the lonely stage!"
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  • 1963
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"I Could Go On Singing" is a 1963 musical drama film that stars Judy Garland as a famous American singer, Jenny Bowman. The story follows Jenny, who returns to London for a series of concerts after many years of absence. While in London, she reconnects with her former lover David (played by Dirk Bogarde), a physician who now lives a quiet and contented life with his wife and young son.

Jenny seems to have everything she could ever want—fame, fortune, and adoring fans. However, we soon come to learn that her private life is filled with pain and loneliness. Her drinking and erratic behavior contribute to her alienation from her daughter and cause tension with her current manager and entourage. When she sees David again, feelings she had buried for years resurface, and she begins to wonder what her life might have been like had she made different choices.

As the film progresses and Jenny's concerts draw closer, she struggles with the idea of performing. She fears that she no longer has the energy or talent to give a truly stellar performance. Additionally, she realizes that her love for David hasn't gone away, causing her to feel torn between her career and her true desires.

Throughout the film, Judy Garland gives a powerful performance that, at times, blurs the lines between art and reality. Judy's own struggles with addiction, depression, and broken relationships make her portrayal of Jenny even more poignant and heartfelt. Dirk Bogarde's character, David, provides the perfect counterbalance to Jenny's erratic behavior. He is calm, measured, and always reliable- a pillar of strength to her as she grapples with her past.

One of the standout features of the film is the music. Judy Garland's singing is glorious throughout, and her performances of popular standards like "Hello, Bluebird" and "By Myself" are sure to delight fans of her music. The musical arrangements are also lush and beautiful, giving Jenny's concerts an almost ethereal quality.

Overall, "I Could Go On Singing" is a fascinating look at the world of fame and celebrity, and the toll it can take on the people who achieve it. It's a story of lost love, regret, and redemption, one that will resonate with anyone who has ever struggled to reconcile their true desires with the expectations of others. Judy Garland's performance is breathtaking and is, without a doubt, one of the highlights of her career.

I Could Go On Singing
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