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"There are two sides to every crime."

I Know Who Killed Me is a 2007 psychological horror mystery film about a young girl who goes missing, but turns out to be an entirely different person when they find her. The young girl goes missing because in New Salem, where she lives, the area is being terrorized by a serial killer who abducts and tortures young women by holding them for weeks and then brutally murdering them.

His last victim is named Audrey Fleming who is a pianist and growing writer. She disappears in the middle of the night while she is out hitting the town with her friends. The FBI is even called in to help find this girl before all hope is gone and she is murdered. Later, in the middle of the night, a driver finds a young woman curbside of a deserted road who is in pain and suffering major wounds. The girl is rushed to the hospital, where Audrey's parents, Susan and Daniel, are desperately waiting for her to wake up since she is floating in and out of consciousness. When this girl is finally able to speak and tell her story, she says that her name is Dakota Moss and she has never even heard of Audrey Fleming. Doctors, the FBI, and Audrey's parents are convinced that she doesn't know what she's saying and takes her to therapy so they can restore her memory.

Despite having the trophy of her wounds, she still claims to be Dakota Moss. The FBI agents find information on Audrey's computer and discover a story about a girl named Dakota Moss. Then, Dakota begins to wonder if her and Audrey are actually twins, but Susan tries to change her mind by showing her that she only had one baby. Dakota is confused and starts seeing illusions of a guy who is slowly cutting up his victim, piece by piece. Since Dakota is terrified for herself and Audrey, she makes Daniel reveal a shocking truth that leads them on a dangerous manhunt for Audrey.

The shocking truth is that when the Flemings gave birth to their one daughter, she died in the incubator. What Susan didn't know is that Daniel and Dakota's mom agreed to let Daniel have one of her kids as long as he pays her over the years since she had twins. Dakota finds the mail Daniel sent her mother over the years and attempts to find her sister. She discovers that her and Audrey share a mysterious connection that allows them to share pain, communicate, and even share experiences.

Law enforcement officers then investigate a previous murder, the murder of Audrey's friend Jennifer Toland. Then, Dakota finds a blue ribbon from a piano competition with a message from Audrey and Jennifer's shared piano teacher. The message reveals to Dakota that since the girls were deciding to quit their piano classes, he in revenge would take off their fingers, arm, and a leg. Dakota and Daniel confront the piano teacher, and Daniel dies. Later, Dakota cuts off the piano teacher's hand and kills him with a blow to his neck. She then finds Audrey where she was buried alive and frees her so they can escape together.

| 2007 | 1 hr 45 min | 3.6/10 | 16/100
Bonnie Aarons, Lindsay Lohan, Michael Adler, Julia Ormond
TriStar Pictures
Chris Sivertson, Chris Siverston

Also starring Bonnie Aarons

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