Illegally Yours

"A girl on her way to being convicted. A smitten juror who's really conflicted. A lawless affair that's totally restricted."
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Illegally Yours is a comedy movie about a man serving jury duty. Richard Dice is in love. The woman he loves does not even know he exists. He is called for jury duty and sees her in the court room. She is the defendant and is accused of murder. Richard tries to do everything possible to convince the other members of the jury she is innocent. The other members of the jury are not in love with her.

The focus of this comedy movie is on a jury member who knows the defendant. She is on trial for murder and he is sure the love of his life is innocent.

| 1988 | 1 hr 42 min | 4.3/10
Rob Lowe, Colleen Camp, Kenneth Mars, Kim Myers
Peter Bogdanovich
Produced By
Peter Bogdanovich, Steve Foley (associate producer)
Illegally Yours
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Also starring Colleen Camp