Lightning Jack

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The film entitled Lightning Jack is about the activities and adventures of Lightning Jack. It was written by Paul Hogan and directed by Simon Wincer. It was produced by joint efforts of Paul Hogan and Samuel Wincer. Distribution was done by Savoy Pictures. Lightning Jack is a criminal who alongside his horse Mate has broken the American laws. After surviving a deadly incident during which his other gang members were murdered during a robbery after he finds out from the newspapers that they did not even know of his existence as being part of the gang. In order to make himself known and recognized as a criminal he decides to operate a robbery all alone during which he takes as hostage a disabled guy named Ben. To his greatest surprise Ben was so happy to have met him and decides to join him as a criminal.

Lightning Jack starts teaching Ben how to carry out some important tasks such as operating and firing a gun, rob banks but unfortunately Ben mistakenly shoots his foot. He takes him to places which he believe will expose Ben to adult life and prepare him for the tasks ahead. During one of their visits to a saloon Ben meets a young lady known as Lana who is so much interested in him.

At the end of Ben’s training they set out to rob a bank which was known for its high level of security measures in place. Just before they set out on their mission, Lightning jack discovers that another gang is planning to rob that same bank at the same time and decides to give up.

The other gang is unsuccessful in their mission as they get caught and are arrested. While everybody was focusing on the gang outside and celebrating for catching them, Ben and Lightning Jack entered the bank unnoticed and robbed it of everything. Their deeds were later discovered and Ben, Jack and Lana are declared wanted and Lightning Jack is pleased that he is finally known to be a criminal.

| 1994 | 1 hr 38 min | 5.6/10
Paul Hogan, Cuba Gooding Jr., Beverly D'Angelo, Kamala Lopez
Village Roadshow
Simon Wincer
Produced By
Greg Coote, Paul Hogan, Simon Wincer
Lightning Jack
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