"She was too young to be a widow, and too beautiful to be alone. Every man wanted to have her. One boy risked everything to protect her"

Unlike many movies of its genera Malena is a captivating Italian film that focuses around the point of view of a boy entering manhood that spins around a beautiful woman. He takes the viewer through the life of this interesting woman. This film breaks the cultural barrier of the past and the present of Italy. This film shows the drama of a woman losing her husband during world war two and how everyone sees this intriguing beauty walk through life and adjust to the fast paced changes that are happening around her.

This movie accomplishes captivating the viewer even if spoken in a different language by allowing it's content and soundtrack to carry the viewer back in time and maybe place to the current story line of the film. It is a universal story that everyone can associate to their lives and really underlines the subjects of jealousy, love and drama. Adding to all this it provides a whole new dynamic view by being shown to the viewer from the point of view of a school boy that is yet to discover the many mysteries life holds. Through the entire movie the viewer will grip the sofa in hope that their wishes happen in the movie only to be surprised over and over again with thoughts contradictions. Viewers will sees how the school boy ever so hard attempt to earn his "pants" and become an adult so he might get a chance at getting his platonic love only to be pushed aside by the older generation.

This truly is an excellent movie in all aspects. By showing the viewers the wild imagination and thoughts the boy has through the movie it complements in every sense the already beautiful Malena. As the story progresses the viewer sees how important pants were for the boys in that time while also holding possible hidden meanings for the different perspectives of the viewer. Malena symbolizes every man's fantasy in the movie representing the women in every man's fantasy. The soundtrack truly is amazing, as stated before, it truly causes the viewer to travel to a distant time in which war is the least of the worries of a boy.

This is a movie more oriented towards the adult audience as there is quite a bit of sexual content. If children are going to watch this movie it is highly recommended to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. This is a movie for anyone looking for a combination of drama and romance with a slight twist.

| 2000 | 1 hr 49 min

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