My Mother Frank

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My Mother Frank is a romantic comedy movie. It is the story of a mother and son going to university at the same time. David's mother's name is Frank. It stands for Frances Regina Aileen Nano Kennedy. When David goes to university his mother follows him and enrolls herself in the same university. She has perfected the art of meddling in his life. He is trying to escape her.

This romantic comedy is a coming of age movie about escaping an overbearing mother. This mother will stop at nothing to meddle in her son's life. Not even university can save this young man from his mother.

2000 | 1 hr 30 min | 6.6/10
Sinéad Cusack, Sam Neill, Matthew Newton, Rose Byrne
Mark Lamprell
Produced By
Phaedon Vass, Susan Vass, John Winter
My Mother Frank
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