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"An Immortal Battle for Survival"
  • NR
  • 2008
  • 1 hr 27 min
  • 4.6  (2,546)

Never Cry Werewolf is a horror-comedy movie released in 2008 directed by Brenton Spencer. It stars Nina Dobrev as Loren Hansett, a high school student and is supported by Kevin Sorbo as Redd Tucker, a wilderness scout leader, and Peter Stebbings as Jared Martin, the movie's antagonist. The plot of the movie is centered around Loren, a teenage girl with a passion for photography. Loren's dying passion is to take part in a prestigious photography competition, and she has her sights set on winning it. However, her plans are interrupted when her mother decides to go on a vacation, leaving her in the care of a young babysitter named Radu. The two get along, and Radu convinces Loren to sneak out of the house to attend a party in the woods.

While taking photos in the woods, Loren witnesses a gruesome murder committed by a man who she believes to be a werewolf. When she reports the incident to the police, they dismiss her report, believing it to be a result of her overactive imagination. Despite the police's dismissal, Loren becomes convinced that the man is, in fact, a werewolf.

Determined to prove her theory, Loren seeks the help of Redd Tucker, a wilderness scout leader who is known to have experience in tracking wolves. Together, they launch an investigation into the murdered man and the events that led up to his death. As they delve deeper into the investigation, they find evidence that the murderer is, indeed, a werewolf. The plot thickens when Loren discovers that the werewolf is none other than her next-door neighbor, Jared Martin.

Loren sets out to stop Jared from hurting anyone else and to bring him to justice. However, her efforts are hindered when Jared discovers her intentions and sets his sights on her. The movie culminates in a final showdown between Loren and Jared, which determines the fate of the town.

The movie boasts a well-crafted plot that is excellently executed by the cast. Nina Dobrev delivers a strong performance as Loren, a character that is relatable and likable. Furthermore, Kevin Sorbo brings a lighthearted tone to the movie, providing comic relief in some of the more serious scenes. Finally, Peter Stebbings delivers a great performance as Jared Martin, playing the antagonist with a menacing and creepy demeanor.

In addition to the strong cast, the movie's special effects are also noteworthy. The movie's makeup and prosthetic designs for the werewolf are realistic and terrifying simultaneously. The suspenseful music, cinematography, and direction are also fantastic.

In conclusion, Never Cry Werewolf is a well-executed horror-comedy that keeps the audience engaged throughout the entire movie. It's well acted, well-directed, and boasts great special effects. This movie is perfect for anyone looking for a good fright or a laugh, or both.

Never Cry Werewolf
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    4.6  (2,546)