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  • PG
  • 2010
  • 1 hr 58 min
  • 6.4  (3,027)

What If... is a thought-provoking Christian drama film released in 2010, directed by Dallas Jenkins and produced by Jenkins Entertainment, portraying the story of a man who experiences what his life could have been like had he made a different, pivotal choice earlier in his life. The movie dives into relatable themes of faith, family, and the hypothetical twists and turns that life can offer through the lens of its protagonist, Ben Walker, played by Kevin Sorbo.

In the film, Ben Walker is a successful, high-powered businessman who has strategically crafted a life of wealth and prestige. He is fast-tracked for career advancement and seems to have everything going for him, including a new promotion and a glamorous relationship with his girlfriend. However, his life wasn't always geared towards success and affluence. Fifteen years prior, he made a decision to abandon his college sweetheart, Wendy (Kristy Swanson), and his aspirations of becoming a preacher in order to pursue a high-flying career in business.

The movie takes an unexpected turn when Ben gets into his car after a typical workday. He is suddenly greeted by an angelic figure named Mike (John Ratzenberger), who claims to be a messenger of God. Mike informs Ben that he is going to be shown what his life "could have been" if he had stayed on his original path. This divine intervention sends Ben into an alternate reality, one where he married Wendy and followed through with his plans of becoming a pastor.

In this new life, Ben finds himself living in a small town, parenting two daughters, and actively serving in a church community. The once high-flying businessman struggles to adjust to his dramatically different lifestyle -- one that is much simpler and grounded in caring for others rather than climbing the corporate ladder. Ben is confronted with the complexities of family life, the delicate balance of marriage, and the challenges of leading a congregation. The values he once held in high regard are put into question as he navigates this wholesome, yet foreign existence.

What If... is an emotionally rich portrayal of self-discovery, offering a unique perspective on the age-old question of what life might be like if we chose a different path. The film explores the consequences of our decisions and the idea that it's never too late to align with our principles and true calling.

It can be seen as an inspirational family-friendly movie that encourages viewers to reflect upon their choices, prioritize relationships, and consider the impact of pursuing material success at the expense of personal fulfillment and happiness. The movie challenges both Ben and the audience to reconsider what success truly means and how it is measured.

As Ben experiences life in this alternate reality, the audience is taken on a journey that is both heartwarming and profound. The story skillfully weaves together light-hearted moments with deeper spiritual themes, allowing viewers to connect to the characters and their plight. Despite the serious themes, What If... maintains a temperate and accessible tone that avoids overly dramatic or preachy undertones, instead opting for a gentle nudge towards self-examination and reflection on faith-based values.

The performances in the film are genuine and compassionate, with Kevin Sorbo delivering a convincing portrayal of a man on a voyage of self-discovery. Kristy Swanson provides a strong presence as Wendy, offering a touching depiction of the one who was left behind but carved out a meaningful life that could have been shared with Ben. John Ratzenberger's portrayal of the angel Mike brings a mix of humor and sage wisdom to the screen, anchoring the film's message with his charismatic screen presence.

Filmmakers blend the elements of a family saga with a spiritual moral lesson, which makes What If... not merely another 'what-could-have-been' fantasy, but a deeper rumination on the intersections between faith, choices, and the true essence of a fulfilling life. The film's cinematography captures the warmth and simplicity of small-town life, contrasting it with the cold and cutthroat visuals typically associated with corporate ambition.

What If... is a significant contribution to the genre of faith-based cinema, offering viewers of all backgrounds a chance to ponder life’s big questions. It serves as an uplifting reminder that while people cannot change their past, they can learn from it, and sometimes an unexpected glimpse into a different life could be the wake-up call needed to inspire change. This movie is a story of redemption, reconnection, and the realization that it’s the love and relationships we foster that define the richness of our lives, rather than the wealth or status we accumulate.

What If... is a 2010 drama with a runtime of 1 hour and 58 minutes. It has received moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.4.

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