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  • NR
  • 2017
  • 1 hr 32 min
  • 3.5  (2,188)

Paranormal: White Noise is a 2017 horror movie that stars Rose McGowan, Christopher Lloyd, and Michael Eklund. It is directed by Jenna Mattison and produced by Jeffery Reddick, the creator of the Final Destination franchise. The movie follows the story of a man named Aaron, who is searching for answers to his mother's death by investigating paranormal activity.

The movie begins with Aaron, played by Eklund, experiencing strange occurrences in his house. He starts to believe that his mother, who died when he was young, is communicating with him. He seeks the help of a paranormal investigator named Eva, played by McGowan, who has her own personal demons to fight. With the help of Christopher Lloyd's character Collins, a scientist who specializes in analyzing sound waves, they embark on a journey to uncover the truth behind the strange happenings.

As the investigation progresses, they discover that the house is haunted by a spirit that is tormenting Aaron. They begin to unravel the mystery of what happened to Aaron's mother and the identity of the vengeful spirit that is lurking around the house. The movie takes the audience through a series of chilling events as they delve deeper into the dark world of the supernatural.

The performances of the cast are impressive, with Eklund delivering a standout performance as the tortured Aaron. His portrayal of a man gradually losing his grip on reality is both eerie and captivating. McGowan's Eva is a complex character, who brings a refreshing balance to the horror genre. Christopher Lloyd's character, Collins, is a necessary addition as he provides a scientific perspective to the paranormal activity.

The movie's biggest strength is its ability to keep the audience on edge throughout. The use of silence and sudden, intense sounds are especially effective in creating a tense atmosphere. The cinematography is also noteworthy, with the use of shadows and low light to create a haunting, oppressive atmosphere. The movie doesn't rely on cheap jump scares, which is refreshing for a horror movie.

Paranormal: White Noise is not just a typical horror movie. It delves deeper into the psychological aspect of fear and the impact it can have on an individual. The movie explores themes of grief, loss, and the lengths one would go to find closure. It leaves the audience questioning what is real and what is the result of a disturbed mind.

The ending of the movie is ambiguous, leaving viewers with unanswered questions that will linger with them long after the credits roll. It is a bold move, but it adds to the overall atmosphere of the film. The movie is not about finding a resolution, but rather exploring the unknown and accepting that not everything can be explained.

In conclusion, Paranormal: White Noise is an excellent horror movie that will keep viewers on edge from the beginning to the end. It explores themes of fear, loss, and the unknown, making it more than just a typical horror film. The performances of the cast are impressive, the cinematography is haunting, and the use of sound is effective in creating an eerie atmosphere. The movie also leaves audiences with lingering questions, making it a thought-provoking experience. It is definitely a movie worth watching for fans of the horror genre.

Paranormal: White Noise
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