Walk Like a Man

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Henry goes to Alaska with his sons to gain fortune and strike it rich on the gold he hopes to find here. His two sons are Reggie and Bobo. Reggie is a spoiled brat and hates that he has to work and that he has to share his sled with his two-year-old brother Bobo. He pushes him off the sled in hopes that the wolves will kill him. Twenty years later, it is discovered that Bobo survived in the Alaska wilderness and was raised by wolves. He walks on all four limbs and has the mannerisms of mammals. He does eat with utensils, welcomes people with licking, and gets to know people by stiffing people’s butts. He does not know how to act like man, he only knows what the wolves have taught him.

His family is in shock that he is alive and well but must find a way to help him adjust to life in society. He has to learn that sniffing butts and licking is not acceptable, but this adjustment proves to be a great challenge for him and his family. His family spent years and all of their fortune looking for him and went broke in the process.

| 1987 | 1 hr 26 min | 4.8/10
Howie Mandel, Christopher Lloyd, Cloris Leachman, Colleen Camp
Melvin Frank
Produced By
Leonard C. Kroll
Walk Like a Man
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