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  • 2009
  • 1 Season
  • 3.2  (432)

Howie Do It is an American television show that aired on NBC from 2008 to 2009. The show starred Howie Mandel, who is known for his comedy and hosting skills, and musician DJ Ravi Drums. Howie Do It is a hidden-camera show that is made up of pranks and practical jokes.

The show is based on people's reactions to pranks. Howie Mandel acts as the host and prankster. He is seen in different disguises throughout the show, interacting with unsuspecting people. The pranks are designed to be funny, but not offensive. Howie Mandel is known for his comedic style, and he brings that to the show.

DJ Ravi Drums is another key member of the show. He is the resident DJ and Drummer, and his music is used to accentuate the pranks. Ravi Drums, whose real name is Ravi Jakhotia, is an Indian-American percussionist, DJ, and music producer. He has worked with many famous musicians, including Ricky Martin, The Black Eyed Peas, and Sting.

The show's first season premiered on January 9, 2009, and ran for 13 episodes. The second season, however, was canceled due to low ratings. Despite this, the show has gained a cult following over the years.

Each episode of Howie Do It typically features three pranks. The pranks are varied and range from silly to outrageous. Some pranks are designed to embarrass people or catch them off guard. Others are more lighthearted and designed to make people laugh. For example, in one episode, Howie Mandel poses as a comedy coach and tries to teach people how to be funny.

In another episode, Mandel poses as a talent agent and auditions people for fake commercials. The contestants have to improvise and come up with funny commercial pitches on the spot. The pranks are usually filmed in public places, such as parks, malls, and restaurants.

One of the key elements of the show is Mandel's disguises. He often wears wigs, makeup, and prosthetics to completely transform his appearance. This allows him to blend in with the crowd and interact with people without being recognized. The disguises are often over-the-top and hilarious, and Mandel's comedic timing adds to the humor.

DJ Ravi Drums' music is also an integral part of the show. Each prank is accompanied by a soundtrack that is carefully selected to add to the comedy. Ravi Drums' percussion skills are also put on display during some of the segments. He is seen drumming on various objects and even on Howie Mandel.

Overall, Howie Do It is a fun and entertaining show that showcases Howie Mandel's comedic talent and DJ Ravi Drums' musical skills. It is a show that appeals to all ages and is perfect for anyone looking for a good laugh. While the show was short-lived, it has left a lasting impression on those who have seen it.

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Week 23
23. Week 23
May 1, 2009
A little girl's pet bunny receives an undesirable effect after a young man helping out on a pet infomercial makes the mistake of mixing up formula. A young man believe he is being led into a room where a game show is being played only to discover he is in a room with 15 sick people with bizarre illnesses. Howie hits the streets to ask serious questions, but then laughs at everyone's answers. And Criss Angel joins Howie in an audition for an assistant for Criss.
Week 22
22. Week 22
January 1, 2009
Week 21
21. Week 21
January 1, 2009
Week 20
20. Week 20
January 1, 2009
Week 19
19. Week 19
January 1, 2009
Episode 18
18. Episode 18
April 10, 2009
Zeus thinks he's helping a young man play a prank as a funny way to propose.
Week 17
17. Week 17
April 3, 2009
Howie puts Leah through one of the strangest auditions for a play that doesn't even exist.
Week 16
16. Week 16
March 29, 2009
Howie hires a new assistant and his first assignment is to fire the old assistant.
Week 15
15. Week 15
March 22, 2009
Judge Alan makes his debut on a new TV court show, but unfortunately his first case is a life or death decision.
Episode 14
14. Episode 14
March 20, 2009
One reunion show becomes a parents' nightmare.
Episode 113
13. Episode 113
March 6, 2009
Summary is not available.
Episode 112
12. Episode 112
March 6, 2009
Summary is not available.
Episode 102
11. Episode 102
February 20, 2009
Summary is not available.
Episode 111
10. Episode 111
February 20, 2009
Summary is not available.
Episode 110
9. Episode 110
February 13, 2009
Summary Not Available.
Episode 109
8. Episode 109
February 6, 2009
An advertising campaign for a new cologne has the models wearing baby diapers. Then, shoppers have a bad taste in their mouth after sampling the bottled water at a mall. Next, in hopes of winning a gig as a host of a children's show, a man dons a pig costume and rolls about in the mud. Lastly, Alex takes a hands on approach to his street encounters.
Episode 108
7. Episode 108
February 6, 2009
Pranks include a grandmother who appears on a gangster rap cooking program; a reporter who runs a one-sided interview and is clearly disinterested in the answers given; and a multi-million dollar prize is awarded to the wrong house.
Week 6
6. Week 6
January 1, 2009
Week 6
Episode 106
5. Episode 106
January 23, 2009
A man's hair seems to have fallen out when using a new powerful shampoo. Howie disguises himself as an absent minded agent at Universal Studios. A game show causes injuries to its contestants. Vic gets uncomfortably close to his interview subjects.
Episode 105
4. Episode 105
January 23, 2009
A visitor to an amusement park ends up taking a turn on a bizarre ride. A tanning lotion leaves a woman looking sunburned. Vic sneezes in his hand and asks for high fives from strangers on the streets.
Episode 3
3. Episode 3
January 16, 2009
A woman lands a gig in an infomercial for a stain remover that doesn't work; a pair are cast in a magic-instruction DVD with a bumbling magician; and a group participate in a "Break In Makeover" reality show but learn they've targeted the wrong house.
Episode 2
2. Episode 2
January 16, 2009
A man pitches TV-show ideas that are stolen by Howie's assistant; a man is ambushed on a talk show by his wife; and aspiring models promote an unusual men's fragrance.
Season Premiere
1. Season Premiere
January 9, 2009
Fake Shows...Big Laughs...this is "Howie Do It."
  • Premiere Date
    January 9, 2009
  • IMDB Rating
    3.2  (432)