Strange Bedfellows

"They love to fight... but not at night!"

In this classic opposite attract love story, a prominent politician befriends a free spirit artist, and through passion, the two get married after a short time. It is not long after that the two discover how different they are and get separated. After a long separation, the two reunite on the eve of their divorce. Passions flare once again and they find themselves in the same situation as before. Now, they must decide if their love is worth staying together or if their differences should keep them apart.

| 1965 | 1 hr 38 min | 6.0/10
Rock Hudson, Gina Lollobrigida, Gig Young, Edward Judd
Melvin Frank
Strange Bedfellows
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Radio Spot 1965|1:04
Radio Spot 1965|1:04