Perfect Victims

"A sex and drugs fuelled rollercoaster ride..."
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Perfect Victims is an American horror thriller film that centers around a group of college students involved in a fraternity initiation that causes them to experience horrifying visions of the past. Jack Parsons suffered a childhood of poverty at the hands of his alcoholic and abusive father. Jack’s best friend Freddy, a wealthy neighbor, became the brother he never had. The friendship with Freddy and Jack’s secret love for the neighborhood beauty, Anne, were the only two things that made life tolerable.

His childhood long behind him, Jack attends college and lives life to the fullest. He joins up the popular crowd and gets involved with drugs, drinking and a lifestyle that is one long stream of parties and fun. He pledges to an exclusive fraternity with Freddy, and continues to pine after Anne.

Fueled by all of the mind-altering substances he’s abusing, Jack begins to suffer from blackouts and visions that threaten to end his new way of life. Is there something more sinister to these visions?

| 2010 | 1 hr 38 min | 4.2/10
Jesse Bradford, Sienna Guillory, Scot Williams, Steven Berkoff
Josef Rusnak
Perfect Victims
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Also starring Sienna Guillory