Quiet Days in Hollywood

"Miracles only happen in the movies."
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The film entitled Quiet Days in Hollywood covers a number of inter related stories about a group of individuals and their experiences. Each episode features a character who had featured in a previous episode and links his or her experiences in that episode to the oncoming one. The film starts with a young lady known as Lolita who is seventeen years old at the time. Though very young and still in her teens Lolita is already a well known call girl who loves what she does with so much passion.

She has a friend almost her age who is also a call girl and together they decide to go and attend a movie premiere. When they get there, they refuse to go inside the hall but insist on staying outside so they can take pictures with Lolita’s favorite movie actor known as Peter Blaine. Unfortunately for Lolita, as they stand waiting for Blaine, her friend’s boyfriend comes and forcefully takes her away and Lolita is left alone. She becomes very bored wandering the streets alone as she waits for the star to show up.

Later, she comes across a guy called "The Man" who assaults her and leaves her unconscious. The man whose real name is later revealed as Angel is a well known criminal and drug dealer. After committing a crime he tries to flee and takes with him a young waitress called Julie. As they travel, Julie realizes her decision to flee with Angel is a mistake and she decides not to continue, worse of all she realizes a group of men in a car have been chasing them all along and she jumps out of the car. The men get hold of Angel shortly after, and kill him.

Julie later meets Richard who is having an affair with Kathy, Bobby's wife. At the end, Lolita comes across an unhappy Bobby who wants her so much.

| 1995 | 1 hr 35 min | 4.4/10
Hilary Swank, Peter Dobson, Daryl Mitchell, Meta Golding
Josef Rusnak
Produced By
Jörg Bundschuh
Quiet Days in Hollywood
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