Puff and the Incredible Mr. Nobody

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  • 1982
  • 7.6  (96)

Puff and the Incredible Mr. Nobody is a 1982 family-friendly fantasy film directed by Greg Chown and starring Burgess Meredith, David Mendenhall, and Diana Dumpis. The plot revolves around a young boy named Sandy, played by Mendenhall, who is struggling to adjust to his new life in a small town after moving with his mother from the city. In his quest for adventure and friendship, he befriends a mysterious old man named Mr. Pickett, played by Meredith, who introduces him to a magical world of imagination and wonder.

The movie begins with Sandy navigating the challenges of his new life in a small town, including making new friends and dealing with bullies at his new school. One day, while exploring the woods near his house, he stumbles upon an old man (Meredith) who goes by the name Mr. Pickett. Mr. Pickett is a whimsical and eccentric character who lives alone in a cottage in the woods. Despite his initial reservations, Sandy develops a bond with the old man as the two embark on wild adventures through Mr. Pickett's imagination.

Mr. Pickett's imagination is a strange and wondrous place, full of magical creatures like talking trees, flying fish, and even a dragon. This world is called "The Land of Imagination," and Mr. Pickett acts as its protector and guide. In this fantastic realm, Sandy learns about the value of friendship, bravery, and imagination. As he spends more time with Mr. Pickett, he learns that the old man has a unique superpower, which he calls "The Nobody." The Nobody is a mysterious force that allows Mr. Pickett to disappear whenever he wants, becoming invisible to everyone, even himself. The Nobody is a gift that the old man uses to help those in need and protect the Land of Imagination from danger.

As the film progresses, Sandy and Mr. Pickett's adventures grow more dangerous as they face off against bullies, pesky bureaucrats, and even a conniving businessman who wants to exploit the Land of Imagination for his own gain. Along the way, Sandy's newfound wisdom and courage enable him to help Mr. Pickett stop this villainous plot, save his friends, and become a true hero.

Throughout the movie, the themes of friendship, imagination, and courage are front and center. Sandy's transition from a lonely outsider to a brave adventurer is a powerful journey, one that leaves the viewer feeling uplifted and empowered. The film's whimsical and playful tone, combined with Burgess Meredith's outstanding performance as Mr. Pickett, make it a joy to watch. The movie's special effects, although dated by today's standards, are nonetheless impressive for their time, giving the Land of Imagination a vivid and surreal quality that adds to the film's charm.

In summary, Puff and the Incredible Mr. Nobody is a fun and heartwarming family film that teaches valuable lessons about friendship, imagination, and courage. The film's playful tone, Burgess Meredith's standout performance, and the Land of Imagination's surreal settings make the movie a classic of the fantasy genre. For anyone looking for a nostalgic trip back to the '80s, this movie is a must-see.

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