Rowing with the Wind

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The movie Rowing with the Wind is also known by its Spanish title, Remando al viento. This movie is a Spanish film and has won several awards with the Spanish-film audience. The story is based on the English writer Mary Shelley and her inner circle of consultants. The movie stars actors Hugh Grant, Lizzy Mclennemu, Elizabeth Hurley and others.

The story takes place in the summer of 1816. Percey Shelley is courting the soon-to-be Mary Shelley. They take a holiday vacation along with Mary’s stepsister, Claire, and Lord Byron and his doctor John William Polidori. They all rent a villa at Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Byron challenges each member of this group to write a horror story and see which one is most well received. Mary begins to write the novel Frankenstein. She has an image of a monster coming to life and causing havoc.

The novel is only the beginning of hard times for Mary. Over the next six years, tragic events seem to surround her. Not only do these events affect her, but the people around her as well. Mary blames Frankenstein for these events in her life. Claire and Byron get married and have a baby. Claire distances herself from Byron and will not allow him to see his daughter. Mary blames herself for these events, as well as the creature that she created. While Frankenstein is very popular with an international audience, Mary is not able to enjoy the fame her book has brought to her and her family. Mary gets tired of being the cause of pain to those around her. Mary and her family decide to move to Pisa so they can no longer hurt the people that they love.

| 1987 | 1 hr 42 min | 6.1/10
Hugh Grant, Lizzy McInnerny, Valentine Pelka, Elizabeth Hurley
Ditirambo Films
Gonzalo Surez
Produced By
Andrs Vicente Gmez
Rowing with the Wind
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