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  • 1981
  • 52 min
  • 7.9  (570)

Sadgati is a poignant drama directed by Satyajit Ray and released in the year 1981. The film features acclaimed actors like Om Puri, Smita Patil, and Mohan Agashe in lead roles. Set in a rural Indian village, the storyline is based on a short story written by Munshi Premchand, one of the greatest Hindi writers of the 20th century. The movie is a thought-provoking commentary on the evils of the caste system and the exploitation of the lower caste by the upper caste.

The film opens with a moneylender named Dukhi (Om Puri) who belongs to the lower caste approaching a Brahmin priest (Mohan Agashe) to organize a funeral ceremony for his deceased father. Dukhi is willing to pay whatever it takes to perform the last rites of his father, but the Brahmin lays down some unacceptable demands. He asks Dukhi to clean his toilet and work for him without payment if he wants to get his work done. This incident leads to a series of events that bring out the harsh reality of the caste hierarchy in India.

The movie portrays the struggle of lower caste people who suffer at the hands of the upper caste, who consider them inferior and treat them as subhuman. It exposes the exploitation and humiliation that people of the lower caste have to endure for basic necessities. The story subtly points out the lack of human empathy and the indifference of those who wield power and authority.

Om Puri's portrayal of Dukhi's character is heart-wrenching, as he tries to maintain his dignity despite the circumstances he faces. His character's helplessness and desperation make the viewers empathize with him and his plight. Similarly, Smita Patil's role as Jhuria, Dukhi's wife, depicts the inferior position of women in the so-called upper echelons of society. She is a silent observer of her husband's sufferings but often bears the brunt of his anger and frustration.

The film's central theme is the exploitation and oppression of one cast by another, which is deeply rooted in India's culture and social structure. It suggests that even after India's independence, the caste system remains as strong as ever, and the lower caste people continue to face discrimination and segregation.

The film's cinematography and visual effects are stunning, and the sound design is excellent. The timeless classic song "Aaj se pehle, Aaj se zyada" that plays in the background adds an alluring touch of melancholy to the film, and the lyrics reflect the harsh realities of the society that are hard to ignore.

The climax of the movie is deeply moving as it highlights the brutal realities of the country's caste system. It showcases how people of the lower caste are still subjected to inhumane treatment, and the power structures that have always existed. However, the movie leaves the viewers with a message of hope and redemption, as Dukhi learns to channel his frustration and anger into rightful action.

Sadgati is a film that offers an unflinching glimpse into the brutal reality of the caste system in India. The poignancy of the story and the characterization make the viewers feel connected to the characters and get completely invested in the plot. It is a highly recommended watch for anyone who wishes to understand and empathize with the people who have been victimized by the social structures that exist in our country.

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    52 min
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    7.9  (570)