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Set in the beautiful countryside of India, this film follows the story of a young man named Dukhi. Dukhi is a man who has worked tirelessly over the years in order to make a decent living for himself and his family. He is of one of the lower caste systems in India, and as such it has been difficult trying to marry off his daughter to a wealthy man. Dukhi goes to a powerful man in the village and asks if his son may marry Dukhi's daughter. The man tells Dukhi that he must work his land and work for free if he is to even consider the option.

1981 | 52 min | 8.0/10
Om Puri, Smita Patil, Mohan Agashe, Gita Siddharth
Satyajit Ray
Produced By
Doordarshan, Govt. of India (Indian National Television)
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Also starring Smita Patil