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Tale of a Vampire is a film about one of the many stories of vampires. It came out in 1992 as a fantasy, horror, and thriller flick about the violence that can be shown when vampires are involved. Alex is a male vampire who has been changed for a while and has trained himself not to drink the blood of humans, but to survive on the blood of animals. A girl named Anne Baker had just lost her boyfriend in a mysterious way, that it is considered a homicide, like other bodies that have been found. Anne and Alex have never met each other, but a strange man gets them to meet. He achieves this by getting Anne a job at the local library, which Alex regulates. Alex comes to this library each evening to scavenge through texts and read old documents because he is seeking knowledge of any information he kind find about a 19th century woman named Virginia Clemm. When Alex sees Anne, he notices a striking resemblance between Anne and Virginia. Since he sees this connection, he takes the opportunity to become her friend.

Later, Alex kisses Anne for the first time and the stranger in a mysterious hat comes to warn her about Alex and that he may not be what seems. He finally explains that he is actually a real vampire. Anne believes the stranger and goes to Alex's house. She intends to kill Alex, but changes her mind and requests him to make her a vampire as well. Alex refuses her request and she disappears. When Alex finally finds her, she is laying on his bed, dead, and wrapped in red ribbon. The stranger appears from the shadows and attacks Alex, impaling him with a sword and finally admits that he is Virginia Clemm's husband, Edgar Clemm. Edgar is revealed as a vampire, and he says that he is the one responsible for killing Anne and many others. Also, he tells Alex that he has Virginia as a prisoner in a box under the North Sea, where she has to stay alone forever since she is immortal like them. This is revealed to be Virginia's punishment for betraying him. Satisfied with what he has done, Edgar bends down to kiss Anne, but is attacked by Alex when he impales him with a pole and tosses his body into the river below. Deeply heart broken, Alex tries to bring Anne back to life.

| 1993 | 1 hr 33 min | 5.4/10
Julian Sands, Suzanna Hamilton, Kenneth Cranham, Marian Diamond
Shimako Sato
Produced By
Simon Johnson, Stephen Margolis, Noriko Shishikura

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