The Body

"It would change history and destroy the belief of millions,,,"

The Body is a religious drama that deals with the struggle of science versus faith. An Israeli archeologist, Sharon Golban, unearths a skeleton inside of a tomb recently discovered beneath a small shop in Jerusalem. After studying the bones and finding many different biblical clues, Sharon begins to believe that the bones she has found are that of Jesus Christ. The Vatican finds out what Sharon believes and sends out Matt Gutierrez, a former military intelligence agent turned Jesuit priest, to investigate Sharon’s find. After arriving and meeting Sharon, Matt decides to form an alliance with Sharon and investigate the find further.

The skeleton that Sharon has found is notable and potentially disastrous to the Vatican and Christianity because, according to the story of Jesus, when Jesus’ followers arrived at his tomb after he was crucified the tomb was empty. If what Sharon found was indeed Jesus Christ’s bones, then the story is false and could change the way people perceive and believe the Bible.

The skeleton that Sharon found makes the young priest, Matt, re-evaluate his religion. The Vatican sent Matt to investigate what Sharon had found and to make sure that whatever she has found does not cause too much of a stir. What he finds upon meeting Sharon causes him to rethink what he thinks he knows about Christianity and causes him to question the task, and the motives for the task, that the Vatican has asked him to complete.

The Body is based on a novel of the same name by Richard Ben Sapir. The Body uses a clever and thrilling story to examine the threat that science poses to organized religion, specifically Christianity. The Body does not take a stance on either side of the issue; it just poses the question. This leaves the decision about faith versus science up to the audience of the movie.

| 2001 | 1 hr 49 min | 5.4/10 | 21/100
Jonas McCord
The Body
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