The Claim

"Everything has a price."

The Claim is a 2000 Western Romance movie. The plot involves a poor prospector who decides to sell his wife and daughter to a mine owner in exchange for a mine. The man becomes exceptionally wealthy, and ends up owning much of the mining town called “Kingdom Come”. However, a railroad company decides to run a line through the town, which causes a young woman to appear. The woman appears to be the man’s daughter that he had sold over twenty year prior. This results in the rich mine owner questioning his decision to sell his wife and daughter, and him trying to explain why he would do such a thing to her.

The Claim was directed by Michael Winterbottom, and was written by Frank Cottrell Boyce. It is based on a novel written by Thomas Hardy. The film has a well-known cast of actors including Wes Bentley, Peter Mullan, and Milla Jovovich.

| 2000 | 2 hr | 6.5/10
Michael Winterbottom
The Claim

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