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"S. S. Van Dine's most intriguing murder case featuring the great PHILO VANCE!"
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The Garden Murder Case is a 1936 mystery film that takes place in a wealthy Long Island estate. The movie stars Edmund Low, Virginia Bruce, and Benita Hume, among others. The story centers around Philo Vance, a private detective who is called to investigate a murder that takes place in the garden of a rich and famous critic, Duncan Gleason, during a dinner party.

At the beginning of the film, Gleason is hosting an outdoor dinner party with his wife, Doris Wilding, and a group of his friends. During the course of the evening, it becomes clear that all of the guests have some sort of motive for killing Gleason, who is a disliked and controversial figure. As the evening draws to a close, the guests discover that Gleason has been murdered, and it is up to Vance to solve the case.

What follows is a classic whodunit, as Vance interviews each of the suspects and tries to piece together the events of the evening. Along the way, he is assisted by Sergeant Heath, a bumbling but lovable police officer who serves as comic relief. Vance employs his skills of observation and deduction to uncover clues and unravel the web of lies and deceit that surround the murder.

The Garden Murder Case is notable for its stylish direction and strong performances from its cast. Edmund Lowe is excellent as Vance, bringing a sense of sophistication and intellect to the character. Virginia Bruce is also impressive as Gleason's wife, a woman who is far more than she appears to be. Benita Hume rounds out the main cast as Gleason's mistress, who may have more to do with the murder than she lets on.

The film is also notable for its setting, which takes place in the world of high society and wealthy elites. Director Edwin L. Marin captures the opulence and excess of this world, with elaborate sets and costumes that lend a sense of grandeur to the proceedings. The themes of class and privilege are also woven throughout the film, as Vance navigates the intricate relationships between the suspects and their positions in society.

Despite its many strengths, The Garden Murder Case is not without its flaws. The pacing can be slow at times, and there are moments of exposition that feel forced and contrived. Some of the dialogue is also a bit clunky, with characters often speaking in long, flowery monologues that feel unnatural.

That said, The Garden Murder Case is a classic example of the mystery genre, with all of the twists and turns that fans of the genre have come to expect. It's a stylish and entertaining film that will keep viewers guessing until the very end.

In conclusion, The Garden Murder Case is a must-see for fans of classic mystery movies. Its strong cast, stylish direction, and intriguing plot make it an engaging and enjoyable viewing experience. While it may not be perfect, it's a film that deserves to be remembered as a classic of its genre.

The Garden Murder Case
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