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"He doesn't want money. He wants what money can't buy."
  • R
  • 2003
  • 1 hr 48 min
  • 6.5  (10,858)
  • 68

The Good Thief is a 2002 drama/thriller film directed by Neil Jordan and starring Nick Nolte, Ralph Fiennes, and Nutsa Kukhianidze. The movie is a remake of the 1955 French film Bob le Flambeur, also known as Bob the Gambler. The movie centers around Bob Montagnet (Nolte), a retired master thief who is addicted to heroin and dreams of pulling off one last big heist. He lives with a prostitute named Anne (Kukhianidze), who cares for him but is tired of his drug use and criminal lifestyle. Bob is approached by a wealthy man named Zano (Saïd Taghmaoui), who proposes a robbery of the Monte Carlo casino.

Bob recruits a team of various criminals to help him with the heist, including a drug-addicted artist named Raoul (Gerard Darmon) and a young woman named Paulo (Ouassini Embarek). Meanwhile, a police inspector named Roger (Tchéky Karyo) is investigating Bob's activities, and a rival gang also wants to steal the same paintings that Bob is after.

Throughout the film, Bob struggles to stay clean, maintain his relationships with Anne and his daughter, and avoid getting caught by the police or killed by his enemies. He also tries to mentor and protect the younger members of his team, who are all dealing with their own personal issues.

One of the standout elements of The Good Thief is its setting in the French Riviera, with stunning scenery of the Mediterranean coast and the opulent casinos and hotels of Monte Carlo. The film also features a jazzy soundtrack by composer Elliot Goldenthal, which adds to the noirish atmosphere.

The performances in the film are strong, with Nolte bringing a gruff charm to his role as Bob and Kukhianidze providing a sympathetic and nuanced portrayal of Anne. Fiennes is also notable as an art dealer who becomes involved in the heist, adding to the complexity of the plot.

Ultimately, The Good Thief is a stylish and entertaining heist movie with a touching personal story at its core. It examines themes of addiction, redemption, and loyalty, while also offering thrills and suspense. Fans of the genre or of Neil Jordan's other films (such as The Crying Game or Interview with the Vampire) are likely to enjoy this one.

The Good Thief
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