The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

"One ring to rule them all"

Frodo Baggins and his friends get sent on a special journey to take a cursed ring to the Elven Kingdom to seek wisdom on how to destroy it. The Ring was created by the evil Sauron who poses a threat to everyone and their homes. While trying to hide they meet a ranger name Aragorn who happens to be a King but refuses to take his throne. He helps the small creatures called Hobbits escape the wraiths who hunt down the ring but they attempt to kill Frodo by stabbing him with a dagger when he uses the ring to become invisible.

Aragorn and the rest of Frodo's friends rush Frodo to the elven Kingdom to get treatment so that he does not die.

Later Frodo wakes up in a strange place and he has a strange scar from where he had been injured by one of the wraiths. He attends a meeting with his friends and some other creatures and men about who should take the ring to dispose of it once and for all.

As the meeting burst into an argument Frodo volunteer to take the ring since it had once been a possession of his Uncle Bilbo Baggins. More members join to escort him to destroy the ring. An elf named Legolas, A dwarf, Aragorn, a prince, and all of his hobbit friends.

While they make their way through cold harsh winter they battle many enemies including a large squid. Later on they encounter orcs in a deep dark cave and a troll who proves to be hard to defeat. As they continue to outrun the rest of their enemies they awaken something much worse and Gandalf the Grey who is a wise wizard and is also helping the fellowship of the ring escape sacrifices himself so that they can get to safety and continue their journey to destroy the ring.

Frodo and everyone is very sad by the loss of their friend but they continue on their journey to destroy the ring.

| 2001 | | 8.8/10
Peter Jackson
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

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