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  • R
  • 2016
  • 1 hr 40 min
  • 4.9  (5,821)

The Maladjusted is an independent drama film from 2013 that revolves around a group of young adults struggling with mental issues, addiction, and other personal problems. Directed by Chris Kiros and written by Chris Kiros and Clayton Stocker Myers, who also stars in the film, this movie is a poignant portrayal of emotional turbulence, social isolation, and self-destruction among the marginalized members of society.

The story begins with a young man named Robbie Kowalski (George Katt) who is released from a psychiatric institution after a long period of hospitalization. Robbie suffers from bipolar disorder, depression, and anger management issues that make it hard for him to fit into the norms of society. His family, friends, and therapists have given up on him, leaving him with nowhere to go, except back to his old neighborhood in New Jersey.

Robbie moves into a rundown house with a group of misfits who are equally dysfunctional and troubled. There is his childhood friend Kevin (Clayton Stocker Myers) who is a drug dealer, a woman named Lily (Tiffany Shepis) who is haunted by her past as a sex worker, a paranoid Vietnam vet named Hector (David Christopher Wells), and a rebellious teenager named Rachel (Katie Foster).

Despite their differences, the housemates form a bond of mutual support, empathy, and camaraderie that enables them to confront their demons, heal their wounds, and find a sense of belonging in a world that has rejected them. They share the ups and downs of their lives, engage in creative and therapeutic activities, and face the challenges of the outside world together.

Robbie, in particular, finds solace in Lily's friendship and guidance, as she shares her own story of survival and redemption. Through Lily's help, Robbie is able to reconcile with his family, confront his fears, and face his past traumas. He also falls in love with Rachel, which provides him with a sense of purpose and hope for the future.

Meanwhile, the other characters deal with their own struggles and crises. Kevin faces the legal consequences of his drug operation, while Hector grapples with his PTSD and paranoia. Rachel deals with her abusive father and her sexual awakening, while Lily copes with her drug addiction and emotional scars.

The movie also highlights the social and economic issues that affect the protagonists' lives. They live in a neighborhood that is plagued by poverty, crime, and neglect, which exacerbate their mental health problems and limit their opportunities. Their interactions with the police, the healthcare system, and the legal system reveal the flaws and biases of these institutions towards the mentally ill and the marginalized.

The Maladjusted is a character-driven movie that relies on the acting skills of its cast to convey the emotional depth and authenticity of its story. The performances are raw, honest, and compelling, especially those of George Katt and Tiffany Shepis. The cinematography and the soundtrack enhance the mood and atmosphere of the film, creating a somber and introspective tone.

Overall, The Maladjusted is a thought-provoking and heartfelt movie about the struggle for self-acceptance, personal growth, and social justice. It portrays mental illness, addiction, and trauma in a sensitive and nuanced way, while also challenging the stigma and stereotypes that surround these issues. It is a movie that raises awareness and empathy for those who are often ignored or mistreated by society, and it invites the audience to reflect on their own prejudices and preconceptions.

The Maladjusted is a 2016 comedy with a runtime of 1 hour and 40 minutes. It has received mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 4.9.

The Maladjusted
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    1 hr 40 min
  • IMDB Rating
    4.9  (5,821)