The Shootist

"He's got to face a gunfight once more to live up to his legend once more. To win just one more time."

This western, taking place in Carson City, Nevada in 1901, stars none other than John Wayne, Lauren Bacall and a young Ron Howard. Wayne plays gunfighter J.B. Brooks, who after receiving news from his doctor that he has cancer, decides he doesn't want to suffer and chooses to take fate into his own hands and plans to die a more dignified death.

Brooks (John Wayne) rents a room from a local widow and her son played by Lauren Bacall and Ron Howard and they eventually become friends, Brook becomes a mentor to young Gillom (Ron Howard) whether he wanted to or not. As always, John Wayne's character, J.B. Brooks makes a few friends and keeps a few of his old enemies throughout the movie. Along the way, other gunfighters are trying to make sure they get to kill J.B. Books before the cancer does.

This movie based on the 1975 novel by Glendon Swarthout was John Wayne's last movie until his own death from cancer in 1979.

| 1976 | 1 hr 40 min | 7.7/10
Don Siegel
The Shootist

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