Too Late the Hero

"War. It's a dying business."
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Too Late the Hero is a dramatic war movie. It is about infiltrating a Japanese stronghold during World War II. A lieutenant is sent to an island in the Philippines during World War II. His mission is to help a motley British unit infiltrate the Japanese unit of the island. Their goal is to smash the Japanese communications after sending false information to the Japanese high command. The lieutenant does not want the mission and the British do not really want him.

This is an action story about war time heroics. These men must sneak into a Japanese base and send a false message to the high command in Japan.

| 1970 | 2 hr 24 min | 6.7/10
Michael Caine, Cliff Robertson, Ian Bannen, Harry Andrews
Robert Aldrich
Produced By
Robert Aldrich, Walter Blake
Too Late the Hero
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