Ulysses' Gaze

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This Greek war drama film premiered in theaters in 1995. It is set in the Balkan Peninsula in Europe. It is about how a successful Greek filmmaker travels to his native Greece and begins a quest to find three missing rolls of film by the Manakis brothers, who were the first people to film the Balkan region. As the film maker searches for these lost reels he records the places he visits. By doing so he is mimicking the Manakis brothers who had first recorded the Balkans on film many years ago. The changing face of the Balkan nations, oppression and warfare is shown in the film.

| 1995 | 2 hr 56 min | 7.6/10
Harvey Keitel, Erland Josephson, Maia Morgenstern, Thanasis Vengos
Theo Angelopoulos
Produced By
Phoebe Economopoulos, Eric Heumann, Giorgio Silvagni
Ulysses' Gaze
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