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In the desert nation of the Türkiye Stratocracy. Mahmut lost his mother twelve years ago in the war with the neighboring Balt-Rhein Empire. Driven to bring peace to his country, he became the youngest Pasha in Türkiye history.However, the threat of the Empire looms once again.

Altair: A Record of Battles is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on July 8, 2017.

Altair: A Record of Battles is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Altair: A Record of Battles on demand atAmazon Prime online.

Anime Strike
1 Season, 24 Episodes
July 8, 2017
Cast: Ayumu Murase | Makoto Furukawa | KENN | Junichi Suwabe | Katsuyuki Konishi
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Altair: A Record of Battles Full Episode Guide

  • After the battle against the Imperial Army led by Pino had been settled, Mahmut returns to Altu. At the divan held in the Kuppe Altu, the pashas discuss measures for future Imperial aggression and the reconstruction of Chielo in the wake of their battle. While it appears that Torqye and Balt-Rhein have reached a temporary stalemate, the world quietly prepared for the next battle.

  • The anti-Imperial Alliance Army is pressing their advantage thanks to Mahmut's plan. However, Pino's Imperial Army abandons the battlefield with his sights on Espada to launch a counterattack.Meanwhile, Kiros and the others left in Chielo believes in Mahmut's victory, and continues the search for Director Carbajal who had been captured by agitators who seek to surrender to the Imperial army.

  • The river formation in the Murmullo Basin on the spring tide night was anticipated by Kokoschka as she devised the siege tactics of the Torqyean Army. But Mahmut sees through her scheme and ambushes them with the forces of El Toro and Espada that joined the Anti-Imperialist Alliance. They succeed to surround the Imperialists which commences a decisive battle.

  • The Imperial Army led by Pino that defeated the Torqyean Army led by Halil, commandeers the provisions and continues the siege of Chielo. As stalemate continues in Chielo, food runs out, requested reinforcement from Venedik falls through, and the discontent of the citizens worsens. To break the stalemate, Mahmut escapes from Chielo and attempts to attack the Imperial Army with Kurt and Ahmed.

  • Chielo was surrounded by the Imperial Army as the scheme failed. Mahmut and his allies close all the gates to hole themselves up in the castle. As the stalemate continues, Pino targets the provisions of the Torqyean Army camped near Chielo, led by Halil. Halil chooses to run to avoid conflict, but...

  • After receiving permission from Cuore di Rumeriana and then Tauro City to pass through their territory, Mahmut gathers the support of the surrounding nations and arrives at the Republic of Chielo, the entrance to the Western Centro. There, Mahmut meets Chielo's head of state Director Carbajal and his secretary Casandra.

  • The leaders of the 34 city-states of the Cuore di Rumeriana led by the Republic of Fiore's Gonfaloniere Caterina establish the Cuore Alliance, a sovereignty founded on maintaining a neutral position, and have therefore denied Torqye's army permission to enter their territory. However, the situation quickly changes when news of the Duchy of Scoglio's fall reaches them.

  • The Balt-Rhein Empire's invasion of the Duchy of Scoglio has set off the Great Rumeriana War. Torqye has decided to send an expeditionary force over land to block off the Empire from invading the nations of the Western Centro. Therefore, Mahmut has set out to negotiate with the lesser states of the Cuore di Rumeriana to receive their permission to allow Torqye's army passage through their lands.

  • Mahmut had successfully negotiated an alliance with Regatul Urado. Meanwhile, trouble was brewing in Venedik. The Republic of Rizolani broke the Centro's unspoken rule of overlooking pirate attacks against the Empire. Wary, Venedik's Doge Lucio sends Brega to Rizolani to determine their intent.

  • Following Mahmut's plan and using the terrain to their advantage, the Kuluch forces successfully separated Balaban from the combine armies of the three sultanlus. However, after running out of patience, Uzun made the decision to attack the Kuluch army without Balaban. Severely outnumbered, the Kuluch forces were being pushed back when a cavalry donned in gold led by Aishe charges out of the city.

  • The Divan had ordered Mahmut to keep the armies of Muzrak, Buchak, and Balta occupied in Kuluch to allow the main Torqyean army time to march on the capitals of the three sultanlus and take control of them. The large, combined forces of the sultanlu armies are closing in on Kuluch without any hope for Torqye's reinforcements. Faced with such a dire situation, Mahmut sets a certain plan in motion.

  • Mahmut devised a plan to assassinate the sultans when they gather for the wedding of Orhan, the Kuluch Sultanlu prens. The plan reaches Torqye, and Torqye sends Saluja Pasha to represent the Thirteen Pashas on behalf of Torqye. However unbeknownst to them, Saluja was loyal to the four sultans, and leaks the plan to Balaban...

  • Mahmut and the others found themselves under house arrest in Balaban's Crimson Palace. While there were some attempts to stop them, they manage to escape the palace. However, the Rod Orm are waiting for them outside. Mahmut is able to drive back the Rod Orm's attack, but Muzrak's cavalry are closing in. They desperately try to escape, but soon accept their fate when...

  • The Torqye Pashalu proposes a unified Birlik Torqye to prepare against an invasion from the Balt-Rhein Empire, but the other four nations vote it down. Meanwhile, Mahmut is in Muzrak's port town of Liman and visits their water shrine in order to gather information. However, the shrine was completely closed off. Abiriga informs Mahmut that armed men are inside the shrine.

  • Mahmut and company intercepted the Imperial warship that had infiltrated the port. However, the warship was a decoy to hide the advancing troops coming from the crystal cliffs. After allowing Lelederik and her unit's invasion, Phoinike decides to surrender to the Balt-Rhein Empire. Having managed to escape Phoinike, Mahmut and Kiros encounter the Venedik Armada off the coast of the city.

  • After taking Suleyman's advice, Mahmut had decided to experience the outside world. His first stop is the City of the Lighthouse, Phoinike. Right after meeting the kulak Kiros at the water shrine, an officer finds Mahmut and brings him to the city Magistros Konstantinos where he learns that Balt-Rhein has requested Phoinike cede a section of their port. An assembly is held to make a decision.

  • Mahmut is demoted from Pasha after the incident in Hisar. Realizing his own shortcomings, he vows to become a man worthy of being Pasha. Mahmut visits his hometown and meets Suleyman, chief of the Göz Kulak spy network created by Zaganos.

  • Mahmut infiltrates Hisar with Shara. The citizens of Hisar have been captured by the Araba Tribe and Louis' private army, the R¶d Orm. In an attempt to rescue the citizens and stop the rebellion, Mahmut lures out the R¶d Orm's commanding officer. However, the officer uses a hostage as a shield to protect himself, and Mahmut is put on the back foot. Only Shara will be able to turn things around.

  • Rebellion breaks out in the Citadel City of Hisar located in the Türkiye Stratocracy's first province, and collusion between Ibrahim Vali and the Araba Tribe is suspected. Mahmut denies that his best friend Ibrahim would ever lead an uprising, while Zaganos immediately orders the revolt be quashed. Disagreeing with the plan, Mahmut heads to Hisar alone to discover the truth behind the uprising.

  • Türkiye and Balt-Rhein are in a critical balance when the Empire's minister is assassinated near the two nations' border. Balt-Rhein accuses Türkiye, and demands a representative be sent to take responsibility, or they will interpret it as an act of war.