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The American Colony: Meet the Hutterites is a television show on the National Geographic channel that teaches people about the life of the Hutterites and how they live life away from the modern world. The Hutterites have a small religious colony in Montana where they try to live a life outside of what people in the ordinary world do. They are quite a religious family who truly does believe in God, and you will find that they definitely try yo take it overboard on accident. It definitely is scary how they despise the way ordinary people live on a daily basis.

The show talks a lot about how they try to stable their life and separate it from the modern world. You will find that this show is quite interesting because of what they deal with and how they try to live life normally in the way they believe that they should live. There is around 59 people in the colony, the majority of which are related and quite well-knit together. In this show, you will see how they work hard and worship God all at the same time. However, the most interesting thing that takes place in this show is how they get mad at each other and what they do to each other on a daily basis.

The American Colony show is very popular and mostly well-known because of the fact that it teaches people the importance of praising God, but this show definitely takes it to the next level on how other people really worship God. There are tons of people who have enjoyed this show because of the entertaining fights and how the people in the colony are weird in their own ways. The American Colony show is not worth watching unless you either care about God very much, you want to watch how much sacrifice other people go through to praise God, and also if you love watching people fight.

American Colony: Meet the Hutterites is not exactly for kids, but some episodes are definitely suitable for children. It all really does depend upon many aspects. If want to enjoy a funny show and how people try to live life serving god, then you really need to consider watching this show.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic
1 Season, 10 Episodes
May 29, 2012
Cast: Anthony Hofer, Bertha Hofer, Carver Hofer, Claudia Hofer
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American Colony: Meet the Hutterites Full Episode Guide

  • In the first season finale, a fire destroys the new calving barn after Wesley and Clinton host a late-night party. Also: Claudia receives word from the college she applied to and contemplates a new life in the outside world.

  • Wesley tries to dispel Hutterite stereotypes by giving a presentation at the University of Great Falls, and he invites his family and friends to join him as panelists. Meanwhile, Claudia considers applying to college and leaving the colony permanently.

  • Toby is faced with the toughest part of his job, around-the-clock care for the newborn cows during calving season. The colony can't afford to lose any cows so it's up to Toby, the cattle boss, to keep the newborn calves alive. Toby reaches out to Clinton for help, but Clinton resents taking orders from anyone. He's more concerned with partying and sleeping until noon than doing colony work and taking on any responsibilities. Toby is frazzled as he spends night and day with the calves at the neglect of his own family. If Toby can't keep these cows alive, the colony won't make the money they so desperately need. Meanwhile, Claudia is feeling neglected because Bertha never spends mother-daughter time with her anymore. When Claudia and Bertha make plans on the same night as Carver's last basketball game, Bertha will have to choose between her two children. Clinton continues to act irresponsibly and when he gets arrested for driving without a license his mother decides she must act and kicks him out of the house.

  • Claudia sneaks off with some of the girls for a secret sewing session, where they make nontraditional dresses. She then risks punishment by wearing one in public. Also, Marvin struggles to pay the colony bills so he asks Wesley and Clinton for help.

  • Bertha and Anna Marie stop talking, Tammy considers dropping out of school and Wesley goes to the emergency room.

  • Carver goes hunting and can't get a deer, gets into a fight at school and is suspended from school.

  • Claudia stirs things up when she decides to go against tradition to work with the men.

  • Claudia, Clinton and Lisa decide to find Wesley a girlfriend at a wedding in Canada.

  • King Colony will never forget this day, when the elders from Canada arrive and lay down the law, by shunning Rita and Bertha.

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