American Stuffers

American Stuffers is a reality show based in Arkansas, in the unique trade of taxidermy. This show features a taxidermist shop with a crew of three plus the owner. Their specialty is stuffing the deceased pets for their owners as an alternative to cremation. This series features the efforts of the taxidermy crew to preserve each pet realistically for the pet owners who wish to preserve their pets rather than bury or cremate them.

Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
1 Season, 7 Episodes
January 5, 2012
Animals, Family
Cast: Daniel Ross
American Stuffers

American Stuffers Full Episode Guide

  • Daniel secures a booth at the Big Buck Classic Hunter’s Convention to drum upthe business of pet preservation. Many of the people at the convention aretroubled to see stuffed pets; however, one person gives Daniel a hairless dog topreserve. Daniel finds out that a dog with no hair presents extreme challenges henever expected and wonders if he even can take on this job. Then, Dixie workson a pet chicken named Pauly D for one of the most demanding customers sheever has had – her mom. Her mother names all her chickens after Jersey Shorecharacters.

  • The preservation of a cat becomes more difficult after its nose falls off; Fred incurs Daniel's wrath for a questionable business transaction involving a scorpion.

  • The shocking details of a dog's death become apparent to Daniel during the preservation process. Meanwhile, a teen has trouble letting go of her deceased cat; and Dixie, Fred and Joseph pitch in to plan a surprise party for LaDawn's 36th birthday.

  • A couple's story about their Yorkshire terrier's passing includes an encounter with a bird of prey; a trip to pick up a damaged alligator mount doesn't go smoothly for Fred and Joseph; Dixie begs Daniel to take her hunting for pheasant.

  • A woman's affection for her pet raccoon is significant when Daniel encounters a big problem during the preservation that will do her fragile emotional state no favors.

  • Rushing to get the day's pet projects done, Daniel uses the oven to dry a few animal parts. When his wife finds out that her oven has been used for this, she loses it.